Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

Agenda 2030

Videos of relevance which honestly appraise history and the rise of the NWO, the tools they use to subvert our well being and maintain control over us. An example is child sexulization and the destruction of male and female relations period! 
All movies, films, ads, should be scrutinised for subliminals, the fact they are not tells you all you need to know about the hidden agenda, which is no longer hidden! 
The music industry needs to be re-evaluated for the protection of our children with distribution from the industry adjusted, so adult based material in sold in a way the young cannot gain access to it, or be used by the music industry.
I am not saying adult material should be banned only that the young are protected from sexulized material until they are of an age to make an informed choice. 

I was dumbfounded to realise Disney films are loaded with subliminal sex messages, all the way back to the very first creations by the studio.

Look at how transhumanism feeds into this to. Watch the video below.

These satanic fuckers are ruining our species....People really need to get to grips with the enemy, no more! 

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