Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

About No Masters.

If you are easily offended by views which are contrary to your thought processes and feelings whether they be religious, political, gender based, or race then you might want to leave now.
We are not all the same, but we all deserve to be respected and loved experiencing a fulfilling life.
Do no harm is my intrinsic nature. I only defend, when required. 

My work is about self help first and foremost, helping others to remove the bonds of slavery if this is what they wish, by discussing the perverted tools of indoctrination which we have been subjected to from birth. However culture itself is not all bad, it is a measuring device and should be used to serve us not enslave us.
I am not here to cause offense to anyone, only share a perspective with my species. 
If my thoughts hold weight for you, all well and good, if not then I bid you good day. 

If we wish to grow beyond cultural indoctrination, then the act of legacy which enslaved us in the first place needs to be dismantled and replaced with the wisdom of who we really are. For each of us this is a distinct journey, one the individual must take alone. 

Transcending the chains of bondage so our energetic structure is free to tap into the source it has been separated from is the main objective.
Most people see growth from an emotional, intellectual, physical, financial, religious, professional, and family based construct in western culture.
This is the very basic level of what we are and within those above patterns most conform to the status quo of accepted norms. Fear keeps the individual contained.
This life is a bland experience in comparison to what we are,
we are divine by birth and it has nothing to do with mans 'God', it is our inherent right as a child of this natural universe. 
The stupidity of cultural creations try to revert us back into seeing who we are beyond the collective of culture indoctrination.
Shakespeare's Hamlet for example reflects moments of the private man, when he drops the face of ego and pretence, pondering his true nature. In these moments he is closer to his true self than at any other time.

"What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason,
how infinite in faculties, in form and moving,
how express and admirable in action, how like an angel in apprehension,
how like a god!"

The point I endeavour to make is simple really, but requires discipline and self worth. 
Forget your fears, your false faces, your inherent cultural disillusions and return to the source of all things which is inside you, given to you by right, before your birth, for you are internal & eternal to begin with. 

Our cultural conditioning removes us from our perfection.

A word of warning, challenging constructs can hurt badly, especially if we have lived a lifetime with them. Go slow, however have no fear you are only returning home.

As I have said this
blog is dedicated to looking beyond the construct of cultural norms and practices, to help others awaken to one's true sovereignty, by addressing the false psychological mindset we are given from birth which indoctrinated us into a core set of beliefs and principles, which we will generally defend at the cost of any other human life, who opposes or contradicts the indoctrinated structure of what we think reality is.

Good journeys, long life, and peace to you.
Regards Luga.

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