To stand in the fire and burn!

Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

This is without doubt the hardest subject to date to express an opinion upon, as it extends beyond my experience.
I have written and generally write on what I know, that which I have experienced, and understand. 
However such is my concerns on this subject I feel the need to express my feelings on it even if it is for my own benefit and resolution of those inner concerns and fears for us as a species.

To understand society we need to see what is trending, what has been and see what is to come, understanding the 'DESIGN' which is culture, the act of social conditioning on the population.

The primary aim of life is to reproduce and to date the primary group which does this is indatcted and described as male, and female.

If an adult non gender specific person wishes to be addressed in a way which suits their mindset, I have no issues with that, life has a right to express itself in all its forms.
Where I draw the line, when others or the law becomes an issue for me, is when they tell me how I should think or feel, how I should behave to another person, genderless or otherwise, forcing my hand and having my own gender preference belittle so others can supersede my feelings and wellbeing. Some of the very issues the non-binary person feels.

If we are going to live in a fair and open society then let it be so, for all genders, races, sexual preferences and so on.

I have one major concern with this latest movement, let's leave the children out of this until they are sexually maturing, unless the child expressed awareness of their confusion. 
It is one thing to be open and mature to the degrees of gender based orientation, sexual orientation, and it is another to socially engineer the young into confusion and a path which is not in the child's interest.
This social conditioning of the young before puberty is seeking to create a genderless society, for many reasons. So before I continue let me be clear for the deaf out their. 

If you are an adult who has walked a path of gender reassignment, or prefer
genderless titles, great, I get it, I am pleased for you and hope you are happy in life. 
The same applies for all adult humans, regardless of race or color and so on. 
If you were a child who knew you did not fit your gender, or you played as a girl one day, or a boy the next for that is how you felt, then I do not apply what I say next to you; for your awareness of your internal conflict confirmed your need for change and support, so to have a network out there for any individual who experiences these issues is a good thing. 

What really concerns me though goes beyond the individual which is not a threat to the species as a whole. 
What is a threat is the 'rewiring' of the natural in ALL of us. 
This mental and biochemical changes which is happening in us is by the poisoning of the species for an agenda; a long term agenda of transhumanism which is and will attack the rights of them, they, man & woman. 
We will all be fucked of free choice in the end, for we are being intellectually, mentally brainwashed and chemically altered to view this coming agenda, transhumanism, as acceptable in all it's forms by the programming of our species; and those people who see themselves as genderless are being used just as women have been, and as men have been throughout history. 

This is socially engineering and they use the voice of the minority to shut down the majority, the new weapon of the 21st century. Psyops of the invisible sword, the PC world, in effect fascism. 

This is the slow and methodical removal of a gender society which will be replaced by state controlling every aspect of our lives, including the reproduction of our species, with the state in full control of the child from birth to death.
Society is already made this way as it is, however the future will see a more insidious version of it. 
The genderless society is perfect for state control as it will be inherently less aggressive, and this is why, they, the elites want it.

Fighting for your rights is a fantastic thing, just make sure you do not tread on others for yours alone. 
Balance is required, or you become a puppet and an aggressive one at that, fighting and possibly killing for an agenda and power structure which is not your own as our ancestors have done.

It is a good thing to protect what we are, lets all be sure of why and what we are fighting for when we do; for to fight oneself is quite simply insanity, be sure you and your feelings are not being used by the insidious nature of men and women of power.

May we all be free, and enlightened to the world around us.


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