Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

The Tools Of Slavery - Modern Women And The Gender Crisis. Part One.

I have started a new Youtube channel as an added way to communicate issues within our culture quickly and easily. 
I will of course continue to write on the continuing subjects of interest, but for now I hope you enjoy this video.
It is a serious look at the undermining of our genders and our energetic make-up.
Be under no illusion of our slavery. 
We are set upon each other by socially engineered programming, long in the making. 

Man is not the enemy of women, and women are not the enemy of men. That is a programmed response of stupidity, one we must extract from our consciousness and re-remember who we are!

Men revered women & women revered men, understanding that which we gave to our physical lives and as beings in our own right.
There is a war being raged, and it is not the gender war as such, for that is the side product of a much larger event as I have expressed many times in this blog's posts.

Regards Luga