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The Nature Of Satanism

First and foremost a big thanks to David Ickes research for it helped me understand my energetic experiences in life when I struggled to understand the nature of those experiences.
The two videos on this page, one from David Icke, gives an overall picture of the control grid, the reason for Smart tech, electromagnetic radiation, satanism, the nature of the beast, the reptiles, or dimensional entities, how they exist and manipulate vibrational frequencies and why they need to feed the way they do.

My video is a simple visual affair, another format and style to help people get to grips with the subject. 
My experiences differs from David's in terms of working with low vibrational individuals who were used, abused, fed upon, and in some cases was the knowing perpetrators of satanic acts.
Some of these acts are small, seemingly insignificant, however darkness is a path for many and for some they are inserted into such a life from birth via choice, incarnation, and into the energetic structure of evil.

I am going to express the internal & external experiences of awareness of such vibrational fields, so if you come across them in your day to day life you will hopefully understand that which you feel, see, and experience; for evil is subtle in its nature to, it is not always using brutality, and defiling tactics on its victims. 
Well not to begin with that is.

I have had many energetic experiences with observing vibrational fields of distortion. 
For example, in a very well known town in the south west of England I have seen the whole body of an outer building, a church in this case move in waves, permeating the stone, the whole building was distorted by what I would describe as a very heavy wave of energy embodying it, as I passed by. 
A serious amount of ritual had been performed. I am not referring to the faithful saying prayer either.
I use the term heavy, dense, because I have witnessed light, passive, loving energies in other people, places, other buildings and the effect is very different in and around those structures, be it what we describe as inanimate or organic life.
Let me assure you from my point of view, there is no inanimate life, even a corpse is still expressing energy in decay at one level and when the bones are all that is left I sense and see energy within the skeleton structure.  When I first witnessed this, acknowledged it, it freaked me out. I needed to integrate the lesson.

All physical objects are energetic in nature. Life, the word, the meaning of is a limited human concept, with little meaning in reality, with death as an illusion of varying kinds to our senses. 
All life is a multidimensional construct, living and expressing continually, one way or another.

When I have these moments of feeling or visual confirmation, they happen, they are not contrived, they are moments without warning, for my internal systems sense danger, evil close by, and I see the energy structures of that force represent itself one way or another.

Interestingly I have always seen the energetic structures of evil or expressions of in black and white; for love, colour, fluidic patterns of oneness.
An example: 
While with a male mute swan and his family who had embraced me as part of the environment, or one of its own, he and his family would clean themselves around me, and I mean right by me, just a few steps away. 
At times, the male would sit by my feet. I was honored by such trust, he was always indifferent to other humans, as he was with me in the beginning. 
The group would sit unafraid, going about their business of preening, and relaxing by the water's edge occasionally beating there wings, as they do. 
On one occasion in a moment of pure joy they all raised their long necks, extending, and beat their wings in synchronicity, my heart exploded, energetically by the experience, I felt light, free, the whole environment became highly energized, colors were heightened, softer, I saw life in a higher vibrational structures, less solid. 
I was observing another aspect of consciousness within and without. The swans, the water, the air, the wind, the grass, everything was unique, fluidic, life was expressing another face of its existence. 
As always it seems, the experience did not last for long but in those moments a thousand conversations could never fulfill the experience and information which was gathered about existence.

Many of us have been taught to ignore and switch off our heart which would activate the pineal gland, for these realities do not exist, do they?
The world is solid, measurable only as we are taught in schools. What Bollocks! 
People I have spoken with experience their consciousness, their universe in different ways. It seems when it comes to decoding energy, existence, we seem to be as unique in this way as we are in our fingerprints, all very different.
Some commonalities of course, but I have spoken to people who feel auras, some see, and so on.

My point is NEVER dismiss yourself or your experiences. NEVER! 
Listen to your whole self. 

If you have never had any such experiences, I would question such on two primary accounts, one you are predisposed to the darkside, so such phenomena is unnatural to you and your energetic awareness differs some what, or, which is many the case I suspect, you are still heavily condition, indoctrinated, not allowing yourself to experience the diverse consciousness of your being.  

We are always growing into the unknown of ourselves, if the firewall has been dismantled. Of course this is always by varying degrees in the individual.

If you are new to these subjects study the nature of chakras, crystals, reincarnation, and incarnation. 
This is a good way to start to acquaint yourselves with the energetic nature of reality beyond what you have been taught. Now let me be direct, if you are a man and you think somehow it's all bullshit, then you are more indoctrinated than you know!
The male body is a biochemical form. We, consciousness embody the masculine and feminine properties, beyond gender.
Wakey, Wakey!

Now let us turn our attention to darkness. 
First be aware, those who study evil are studied by evil. We do not need to be afraid, for fear is the enemy within, the only enemy.
We do need to be smart however, and realize satanists are clever devoted people on the one hand.
Such creatures see the world of love as a weakness to be eradicated. This is why they turn everything upside down. They will taunt, abuse, kill and strip away all and everything you are if you let them. 
These types will screw life over, even each other without a second thought if need be. 
The powerful and the greater initiated hold their system together within a very strict structure of hierarchy. This is what stops total chaos from ensuing as well as a common bond to turn all life into their image. 
Only then would they fully go to war with each other. Death is the creed of the satanist. This is their love in my experience, from the low end of the scale to the very top satanist enjoy causing pain and death whenever they can, they are always seeking it, like the pedophilia hunting in children's playgrounds, and of course these more often than not go hand in hand as Icke explains, I can confirm this from my experiences.

Many a dark creature starts with birds, as a young child, cats, dogs, as they progress, in the end they turn, fully, where everything is now game to their ensuing perversions.
Some stop finding limits to their darkness, others are full blooded, unyielding.

These creatures need to feed, simple as, while they wait for the big game they will sit in a car, waiting for a cat to come under the warming engine, then they will destroy the life of the animal, or they will snap the neck by jumping on it, or set it on fire, chase a dog down a road in a car, and any other manner of cruelties one can think of.

This is of course a starting road for those who enjoy perverting life, and if they can corrupt and control another in joining them, well that is one of the biggest kicks for these creatures in their beginnings. As they develop persuading one to end their life or manipulating one into death comes very soon in their development. It is the growth of their power as they see it.

Let me assure you my knowledge comes from first hand of witnessing a group of these fuckers in action as a young man and from my professional work experience. 
I could go on with the behavioural analysis of how these creatures behave, but needless to say know this, whether the initiate is aware of what he or she is fully involved in they are feeding a matrix of energy in the exact same way as those who love do.
They are also driven by more than their own desires, for such energetic programs of evil is driven by the veins of cities and towns, by rituals throughout the year, indoctrination of culture, legacy of family, social history, foods, drugs, gender destruction, music, films, games, technology and so on.

As loving consciousness resists such energies, without even being aware of their resistance more often than not, the satanist and their masters feeds off the energetic nature created by such environments.

Do not think of course this is a one way street, it is not. Darkness has its opposing force and there are people who work in filling the veins of life with love and light. 
Some areas are filled with nothing but darkness, a house can be like this and we will feel it, as we will in some other people who do not hide what they are. 

What of those who do disguise what they are, like those in power, well some of at least?
It is that which we do not see which holds the greatest threat to us. The wolf always clothes itself like the sheep when stealth is required.

It is simple really, think on what I have discussed about day to day individuals who are feeding evil, plenty of them them by the way of varying degrees. 
Do you really think the bigger ponds do not have bigger fish just like this! 
Their appetites are exponentially larger because of who they are, where they are, what they know and serve.
We accept without question the barbarity of our ancestors, sacrificing others on an altar, yet we think we and our culture are beyond such acts, far from it. 
We live in a culture which is always involved in conflict, directly or indirectly, selling arms, destroying our population one way or another, and people think we are the good guys? 
This is a testament to the power of MK Ultra, repetition, the art of propaganda, the indoctrination of a group of people into a mindset of culture, blinding accepting the evil they are confronted with every day.
Serving it by ignoring it, getting drugged up after work, playing violent games, bread and circus and any other manner of insanity to survive an insanity.

The constant wars we are involved in, with government indifference to the lives of the populace, and all other manners of violence done to the people would be enough to raise us up in defiance one would think? 

Where are the crowds? Why do we accept what our governments do?
The governments serve the agenda, they help the elites build the empire of evil.

When we start to accept ourselves we start to see the world for what it is, not what we have been told it is, or want it to be.

Life is not complicate when you open your eyes. If you're blind 
( indoctrinated ) then it is a bitch!
Evil is staring us in the face and we allow it to continue on its course. 

Dimensional entities, other life forms, feed off low vibration energy. I agree with David Icke here from my experiences in life. 
These entities track us not just in this life, but in death and the reincarnation process they manipulate.

If you want to know more read this post: 

This is the endless cycle we are involved in, the bible calls it the eternal battle of good vs evil. 
If we do not grow and understand the dynamics of electromagnetic energy, for this is what the satanist practices, the arts of sorcery, by becoming aware of our own energetic nature how can we protect ourselves from the inherent leaching effect of this cage, this matrix of existence we experience and call life.

David Icke is spot on when he describes our lives as an artificial construct. The ending of this construct with be propagated by energy awareness, not wars, or hate or our battling of our enemies, but by transforming what we are in life and in death by incarnation not reincarnation. 
The former is the awareness in death and making a choice to return not being manipulated back into this matrix via fear and manipulation. Living a life of design not enslavement.

These entities are dimensional and have great awareness of energy manipulation. 
In death they can represent your greatest fears, exploit your weaknesses, and shape shift into any format, family or other to ensure your return to the feeding grounds of this matrix. By placing you in the wrong energetic groups and such like they undermine the very nature of existence, causing a vibrational disruption in the life force of existence.

This phenomena has been with us from the beginning, for we were created as a slave race to begin with.
Western Hypocrisy - Populace Denial

In the end it is down to each and every one of us taking responsibility for ourselves. 
Trust in yourself, your wisdom and growth. This is a war and no God will help you in the end, for the journey of the corporeal is about learning what we are. 
It comes down to you, blind faith is what keeps us in their game, for faith is the enemies tool not ours. Blind faith in one is the admittance of no personal power, no understanding, and the act of giving ones self away, believing another power will protect you and all will be well in the end by the protection of the divine. 
This is the quintessential stupidity of thought derived from brainwashing techniques from the cults of religion, politics, or any cult activity which man holds on to.

The irony is however by living within your own inalienable self you are protect. This is the real truth culture takes from you. Offering you something which is already yours by right of birth.

Good Journeys.


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