Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

The Last President ( Illuminati the Satanic NWO )

All life is a stage, for your eyes to see.

JFK was the last true president of the USA. 
His death saw the rise of his enemies and ours, the 'monolithic secret societies' which falls under the banner, the name, illuminati. 

This satanic group hides behind the Jewish people and their religion, and all faiths of the world. They hide within banking structures, governments, the UN and other institutions which are funded and controlled by these creatures. Like all wolfs clothing themselves to look like a sheep. 

If you doubt history, my sincerity and others who are trying to warn you listen to 35th President of the United States Of America. 

JFK's speech before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961 ...... 

"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society;" 
This speech was a pivotal moment in history and is integrated into this video. 

JFK warned the people of what was out there and what was coming, he paid with his life, so the least we can do is listen to a man who although imperfect, as we all are, served the people. 

I consider all religions to be a tool of evil, history is my witness to this statement. The persecution of the jews, of the indigenous people of the world, the black people, the eastern peoples, the crusades which have never ended and so on. 
Throughout time for power and glory in god's name religion has butchered the world! 

There is only one LAW, the LAW of nature. DO NO HARM! 
That which is inherent within most of us.

We all have a right to exist in peace and with freedom, sovereignty within and without. However this evil cabal sets us against each other and we fight in their name through stupidity and ignorance. 

I will not play their game, I stand with the species, with all men, all women, all life on this planet, for this is my place in the universe. 
I will not be subject to divide and rule. I will not be subject to hatred, division, and indifference via cult mentalities like religion, gender, style, income bracket, and any other manner of CULT-ure; which brainwashes us into accepting the evil done by organisations and governments which do not represent our interests. 

Good Journeys 

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