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Tomorrow's Slave Or FREEDOM?

True freedom, will, is an intangible construct, it goes beyond the fix laws of nature and we are as sensitive to its existence as we are in our fixity of the natural. 
One only has to witness the responses of the populace of western cultures to see the inherent damage which has been done by the enslavement of the people, via secondary ideologies such as atheism, materialism, and so on. This software of indoctrination holds nothing of value for us beyond the ability to conform and serve a machine like existence, which is not so far off from becoming a reality for us all in the very near future, via the transhumanism agenda. 

Our minds have already been claimed for the best part, via indoctrination, the job of man's destruction will be complete once we succumb to implantables and indeed a frame made of synthetics not bone! Science is already working on the transference of the mind to an artificial construct, synthetics is as viable as any other format.

We are on the verge of losing the true meaning of being a human, which is freedom, the very centre of what we are and need to be, the light of creative power which is our being, our consciousness.

For too long we have been lost to slavehood by the greed of men, by the few, who have enslaved us by a variety of tools; Money, greed, power, sex, indoctrination into educational programs of insidious religions, law, and cultural constructs which they themselves hold no loyalty to and only promote to enslave the populace into a programmed cage of slavery for the heart and mind of the species.

Without freedom, that flame which burns within and beyond, deep into our consciousness, our complete multidimensional being, those subtle realms of our totality, then all we are is a machine to begin with, and it matters not if we end up as a synthetic construct.

This of course is the ultimate goal of western culture to produce a NWO which prepares the way for the collective mindset. The growing Orwellian agenda, a nightmare for any who have experiences beyond its construct.

The education or teaching of our children is vital for our survival, beyond this Frankenstein future which is planned for us, via the agenda named 2130, or Agenda 21, which is a UN Trojan Horse, the stepping stones of this great project, as it is seen by the hidden hand, which orchestrates the social engineering of our species, from behind the scenes. 
This is of course just one of many organisations and agenda driven groups who will see the destruction of our species, if they can, by ensuring we are nothing more than an automated slave.
So the awareness to ensure these insidious systems of control do not rape our children of their 'Freedom' is vital.

This is the real war of the 21 century, we are kept occupied by fear, so we do not look up long enough to witness the plans of future enslavement and the final raping of the species. 
The educational system of the west, of the UK, is one of the most vile systems of education which has infected the world though empire and has continued with its poisoning of our species. Look at the wonderful leaders of government! 
I rest my case. 

We must ensure we protect our children's foundation for growth and creativity, this is 'Freedom' the freedom of will which is the fire of life, the DRIVEN FORCE of our existence, so it is obvious why those in power indoctrinated you into denying, or questioning this concept beyond the fixed laws of a species.

Authoritarianism is the disease of our time, men should not be subject to the control of psychopathic governments and corporations. Where do you see joy and freedom freely expressed in our society today? Children of course, however that freedom and joy would be transformed with the adult as he and she grew, if it was allowed by the culture and was not psychologically beaten out of the growing child. 
This is what causes many to be dead inside long before their twenties, and this joy, this sense of freedom as we will remark upon, which we see within the child is linked to the very nature of freedom, or free will. 
Why do think it is kicked out of us? 
Why do mothers and fathers love the very young, finding raising them such a joy. It is simple really, bypass the love for the child and fulfilling the child's needs, for brief moments they remember who they are, beyond the constructs, feeling joy, playing as they once did with the child, and in some small way they are rekindled too the flame of free will. 
Many will not even be aware of the event within themselves, for our slavery is so ingrained it is like opening a cage of an animal long in captivity and although they might vaguely remember freedom, so ingrained are they to the cage, the will of moving beyond it has long gone.

The indoctrination processes of education is just like this. The child is not taught critical thinking, only to repeat information, to simulate a construct which removes the very qualities required to be a fully fledged human. 
To give up his or her free will and be directed by an indoctrinated ideology, by a putrefied concept of right, of bloodlines, of gods, long dead to itself, holding on to its existence at the cost of a species; that which we call the elites. 

Yes, we serve, we are not free, government sever the powerhouses of the world, they run the corporations and all structure visible and invisible to us.

It is their money and their agendas which drive this tyranny, this tyranny and its future plans for us will fail by ensuring the free will of our children is protected. 

This is the first and most vital stage to ensure freedom from this artificial matrix we live in.

The greatest thing we can do now is prepare the way forward for our young, release the nature of our enslavement and ensure they grow with the tools required to resist death, via the future tools of enslavement.

We, need to mature and accept the product of our realities, understand the enemy agenda, prepare the way for our loved ones so they can arm themselves within and protect that which is most valuable via wisdom, and not react in ignorance because we failed to provided them with what is required to save themselves and their children when we are gone. 

Their FREEDOM is a given right of birth, and their will must be protected from all that would seek to put out the fire in them, as it was and has been for the generations which has preceded them.


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