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Videos: Payday & The Treason Of Theresa May

A truthful look at Jeremy Hunt, with a Satirical edge. 

After what another Tory government has done to the people of this country one can only hope the NHS gets some grace very soon, for they are the backbone of our nation. 

Hunts crimes against the nation and the people are many fold. His actions in the undermining of the people's NHS is an act of fascism and is downright treasonous.

Theresa May as the leader of the Tory party has full responsibility for the action of her cabinet and aids, as well as herself of course. 

She has misrepresent the people, sold our assets, allowed criminals to walk free and allowed the nation to starve at the hand of austerity which the bankers, men, women of power caused. 

Yet the people are so simple and docile drugged up one way or another there is little action to remove this tyrant. It is as if we no longer understand or care about the responsibility of running a country for the benefit of the people.