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War No Fate? - The Board Is Set The Pieces Moving!

The people believe we create our lot, our fate is sealed by the choices we make as a collective group and by individual action. The government will remind us of our votes or the choices we, the electorate have made. If only our existence was so clearly defined. It is not of course, why? Do we not make our day to day choices, do we not live the way we want?
The answer is yes, and no! 
Life is a paradox for humans. Yes we make many decisions about our day to day lives, but those decisions are within a framework defined by culture. Those social parameters are defined by government, law, religion and so on, so beyond the confines of your day to day family or your job our ability to forge or shape our lives as we really see fit is an illusion, we have very limited freedom to be what we are, or want to be. 
Try to live free from state control even on your own property, you cannot of course. 
Choose to move freely, or develop technology which advances the human species, see what happens to you and your invention. 
Challenge a corrupt government official, company or corporation by trying to stop a dangerous technology from invading your community or home. Very rarely do we succeed in stopping such advancement if it is an agenda of government via the greasing of the wheels by corporations and the elites. 
We and our 'fate' is nothing more than an illusion of a salve. The world wars, 1 & 2 were seen as a tipping point for social, technological change, and a rallying call against fascism. 
The people of the world was manipulated into those wars which was driven by ideological mindsets of the elites who manipulate the social environment and all sides involved to achieve a particular outcome. Which of course is always the case. 
Many would have seen these events in thier history as fate, events outside a person's or collectives control, predetermined by a supernatural power. The vast majority of the populace would have accepted their lot as God and countries will. 
This is still true for most people today, the idea life is beyond our control. 
Let us examine fate. If I'd slept under a tree, and one of the major branches snapped, gave way to age or storm damage and it cracked my skull or pierced my chest, I would call that event an act of fate, an act of God. However, if my government, or a combination of powerful institutions or groups contrives to create a set of events which forces my hand, via social mechanisms of control, indoctrination and the guiding principles of my culture which I have willing accepted from birth without question than this is not fate, it is quite simply mind manipulation. 

Sadly this is where we are with people in the US and around the world, feeling as if they are being pulled into another world war. 
That fate is threatening us once more, with our leaders unable to steam the tide of the coming storm, and whenever it seems as some kind of settlement might be reached the rug is pulled from under our feet, which it well and truly is in regards to Syria and the current actions of the US government.

Many people in the west are awake to this proaganda by the US, UK and their partners, with a clear understanding of their agenda for Syria and the east in general, it is very clear to see the nature of the 'game' which has been executed to date.
There is very little sense in the so called actions of Assad with regards to the use of chemical weapons. He is a smart man and why the russians support him. 
Firstly he covers their flank, but more than this he is respected as a man and as a leader. If this was not so the russians would have sold him out long ago and negotiate in a territorial split with the west; this will not happen as far as I can see.

Be assured we will be drawn into a greater conflict if we fail to understand our part in this game which has nothing to do with fate and everything to do with ignorance, our stupidity which is driven in most cases from a false sense of loyalty and misguidance. 
We are the pawns on the board. The canon fodder as always. If we fail to understand the nature of the politics or at least some of the agendas of our government and those who direct the hand of, then we will be manipulated once more into committing further vile acts of brutality and savagery in the name of some faceless individuals or those we already know so they can profiter, capture, and enhance their positions at the cost of the rest of the populace in the west and east.
When are we going to wake from our slumber? This perpetual war driven agenda we are subjected to.
The current events in the east and the wider world have nothing to do with fate, far from it. 
These events are directed and orchestrated by the central bankers and elite families of the west.
If we wish to survive these people, their agenda for Assad, the east as well as us, we must not allow ourselves to be manipulated, divided and conquered any longer.

As I expressed in a previous post, if we were free, truly, each of us, there would be no triggers to encourage violence within us, for little or no suppression or repression would exist. Ergo we would not be so easily manipulated. 
It is the slave who rallies to the banner of war. The slave alone. The sovereign man knows better.
These are very dangerous times for us, resist the cries of war! Resist today, tomorrow, and every other day which you breath, ensure the air remains free, ensure our blood stays within our body, not staining the ground, do not fall for the endless game which is perpetuated on us, that which is replayed time after time. 
Should we fall to fate, then let it be fate, not from the greed orchestrated by men of power.

Regards Luga.

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