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To stand in the fire and burn!

I am resigned to the day to the utter stupidity of the human race, there is little hope for us simply because the alternative media really are sheep in wolf's clothing, with a few exceptions and is without doubt controlled opposition for the best part.

I have been observing the alternative media now for sometime, seven years or more. 
The day came not so long ago when the power of the alt media was having some affect on the power and influence of the mainstream media and governmental agendas of the cabal. 
Of course a response was forthcoming. 

The game opened up with Cameron and others declaring the community of conspiracy theorists was perpetuating anti system feelings, even before this issue had raised its ugly head we had the usually attacks on freedom of speech, 'save zones' and the like, increasing big brother activities and so on.

Then we really came down to the behind the scenes push to undermine revenue streams for the alternative media, via disrupting the youtube advertising revenues and such likes which kept the alt media running.

Of course the biggest, but not unsurprising event was those who smelt the wind changing and ran onto the bandwagon of betrayal, believing somehow surviving and serving the likes of Trump, the system, to be worth the sacrifice; if these individuals had any origional care or concern for our species in the first place. 

However what has got my goat big time time is those who have remained have either gone very silent over this period or have become timid in their nature, being 'vibrated into line'. 
My own favorite alt radio show host has allowed fear to dictate his actions on the subtle levels and he is not even aware of it! Or if he is aware of his actions, he had made a choice to 'keep his head down' or the fear of financial survival is undermining his well being, affecting his behaviour to further conform and be concerned about the actions of how others verbally express themselves on his show. 
To be calm when such evil is perpetuated on the population daily is not reason, it is insanity, an illness of the mind, one which has accepted cruelty and indifference at every level, as well as bondage. It is at such times when our voice should be loudest.

When we are under attack by the system and its cronies is exactly when we need to be most aware of our choices and thoughts. Standing in our fear and insecurities, embracing them, accepting them, which means the transformation of them, they become less powerful and in time fade.

I do not speak in judgment of others without experience and I only talk of which I know. To do otherwise is ignorant, so please be aware I understand the pressure the system places on the individual at many levels when one stands toe to toe with it. 
Five to six years of legal, as well as two years of employment negotiations which do not included the years of trouble, of abuse my fellows and I endured towards the final fracas and the completion of the physical event at least.
So be assured I know what it is to stand in the fire and burn! 

I was raised to be a decent man. I made mistakes early which taught me the importance of my morality, which of course has only hindered my life in a world of contradiction, of inversion. 
At seventeen I gave notice in my first full time job because of cruelty to another. I was offered more money to stay and I refused, even though I was well liked, I was a very gentle young man. Principle left me no choice, moral practice demanded action.

A few years later into another job more perversions, and another road to take. Then more of the same shite, for all culture is a reflection of this inverted sickness, regardless of class or religion, race and so on.

In the end I came to realize I do not belong in this sickness and I accepted it, learning to heal the damage it has done to me. In fact the writing I engage in of how I see the universe and my culture is all part of my healing.
I continue to stand up for my morality, standing up for others, which was the point I thought, but the truth is I have only come across one other like myself, who has the courage of her convictions. 
People I have encounter, I included my own family in this have limits to morality, if it threatens their income, or family, or way of life per se, they forgo morality for survival, or their sense of it? 
However in doing so they only allow the sickness of culture to spread.

My own mother who is strong and moral has a limit when that mortality challenges the
system, even when the challenge was just, so ingrained does indoctrination go, even my own colleagues betrayed me though the policies and producers, indeed even the law had been broken, with moral and legal right on our side. 
The fact the system was being challenge was to much for them, for it is their master beyond all else, mother and father.
I find this truth runs in the veins of most I have encountered in our culture. 
From childhood this system has dictating to the masses, with few never understanding the subtle control it had over them until an outsider challenged the status quo. 
I am an outsider and gladly so. I would rather die than sell my being without even knowing it, and boy have I come close, so insidious is this system.

What gets to me more than anything is I am loyal, honest and a direct person. I will stand in the fire with you even to my own detriment. 
I like to think never to falter, for I know my nature. Yet even in the alt community where the individual would hope to find like minded, strong, intelligent individuals who understand the essence of life and the importance of truth, open mindedness and respect, courage and loyalty of a cause, defending from the inherent evil of life, all you find in most cases is the same kinds of cowardly people who have not passed the first stages of self hood which is the relinquishing of cultural norms, which for the best part impose on sovereignty and growth of a being.

What is even more bizarre to my heart and mind is the Mr Smiths mentality which is everywhere even on my favorite radio show. 
When the real issues are pedophilia, rape, murder, betrayal, lies, vaccine poisoning, transhumanism, corruption, racism, hatred, the pervert nature of the system, politics and the like, slavery and so on. 
Yet some people are more concerned about how others express their feelings with the shows topics than the insanity and cruelties of life?
Which is more offensive, the issues aforementioned or some swearing and aggression towards this insanity and the evil which prevails in our lives?
If only these sad fuckers had the balls to stand up for real issues and not a few swear words which seem to offend their sensibilities?
The point is this is more programming of the system. It is not about morality as the words expressed are used in context of the evil of the system and those who perpetuate it, not directed at the listeners, unless the cap fits! 
It is the disease, the hurt, pain and suffering, compassion and frustration which drives the context of the language!

I find the PC world a joke, along with concepts like micro aggression. The intellectual tools are not about treating people in the right way as it seems on the surface, it is about control of the minds of the populace, ensuring fascism and that the agents of the system are everywhere ensuring others are too afraid to speak, or be true to themselves........
If these concepts of micro aggression were applied evenly then fine but they are not. 

I do not need people telling me how I need to think or behave as an adult, the choice is mine, to act as I see fit, as a sovereign being and if I act inappropriately we already have law to deal with such inappropriate behavior.

So for any little Hitlers out there, who acts as an agent for the system, I suggest you grow up and consider what is of true importance, for I am not changing how I feel about hate, evil and indifference, or the way in which I express it, just because your feeble programmed minds are affected by a little bad language spoken in context to feelings of disturbance, which is not normal, for those who are not programmed into a financial system,class system or educational system of programs which are cages for your hearts, minds and emotional bodies.

This is what being vibrated into line does, it is not just the Jeremy Corbyn's of the world, or the like, it is the majority, god help us!
This is of course a minor annoyance at one level, but is very important at another.

It is fear which is the driving force of the programming as I highlighted earlier in this post. If we are to change a perverted and damaged system then we have to reject that which has caused the issues. 
We cannot fix something with the same thinking, the same tools used to create it.
This is the reason for this blog, to challenge the idiocy of our culture and the thought process of actions therein. 
Remember this blog is dedicated to looking at and challenging the construct of cultural norms and practices, to help others awaken to one's true sovereignty, by addressing the false psychological mindset we are given from birth, which indoctrinated us into a core set of beliefs and principles, which we will generally defend, indoctrinate others into at the cost of human self expression, growth, and indeed life itself for those who opposes or contradicts the indoctrinated structure of what we think reality is.

If you know me beyond this blog and the radio show I speak of, block me if you find me distasteful. 
Do not preach to me or think you have a right to dictate, you do not! 
I do not impose my values on others. The only time I do so is when another abuses or causes pain and in defense of life, which is my duty as a man, a being of love.

"Fear Is The Enemy Within, The Only Enemy, The True Enemy."
Sun Tzu's.

The final word on this is thus: 
I am concerned only by what I do in life as a direct rule. So when my teeth are in a jar, as I sit towards the last sunset, I know I have lived well, with care, love and can return to my consciousness whole in the knowledge I did my best and served as well as I could at any given time in my life, for all life.

The only judge of my being is myself, myself alone.


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