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The Nature Of Depression Via Social Conditioning Environmental Destruction

Depression is in my experience a vibrational distortion caused by indoctrination, environmental, cultural, technological factors, compounded by poor treatment via chemical solutions which only cover or mask the internal issues and not heal them. 
Depressions origins is derived from culture and legacy not from chemical imbalance. The imbalance is what happens to the person after the fact, for depression is caused by the aforementioned factors.
The chemical imbalance is ourselves communicating that something is seriously wrong in our life, and we have failed to listen.

If our culture and professions had a handle on this subject, then depression would be reducing in our cultures not increasing as it is on a on a global scale. 
So any argument is wasted on trying to convince me the medical profession has a handle on this subject, they do not. 

I have listen to and worked with many people who are in a state of vibrational distortion, depression, and of course I have had my own experience of the last ten years.

Now, I am not going to be like others making statements on a subject which they really know nothing about, and are only repeaters of the medical info provide by dubious pharmacist companies, who pay to have trials done in support of their products and agendas, or by a bias education system which works in conjunction with the other institutions within our culture, businesses or otherwise. 

This book by Dr. Kelly Brogan argues against the pharmaceutical industry, the false and disproven science, as well as the importance of a good diet.
A Mind Of Our own   

I am going to talk about my observations of numerous people observed over 13 years and my experience of depression as it is called by the medical profession.

I will say now depression is less of a chemical phenomena, that is the end result after the fact not before. 
It starts in the unseen world, that which is hidden from us. Depression is caused by social engineering of the species, and by our awaking to a part of our life which causes us a deep psychological discomfort.

I will justify this statement with two simple examples, one I have already mentioned. Depression would be reducing not increasing on a global scale if the medical profession and their drugs was a valid response to such an illness, and with most depressives, removing them long enough from an environment, a man made one, and return them to source, nature, can improve the well being, helping them return to some sense of selfhood and repair the damage to the energetic nature of the biochemical body. Sometimes the results can be remarkable. 
However replace them back in the vibrational soup of a man made environment once more and watch those triggers very quickly undermine the health of the person, reversing any progress made.

This doesn't mean all people responded to such a change in environment, for some any environment is a threat, for they have become so destroyed by the distortion within many end their lives, or go on to live a life of complete misery.

My saving grace was through my understanding of the enemy in part, knowledge and an ability to survive by not listening to authority or people who think they know better; having one loved one who did not judge and that is a biggie, when one is confused isolated and hurt. 
This is why therapy has a big part in recovering our sense of self, for we are always evolving into the unconscious parts of existence, that which we do not see or know, becoming aware of that which was hidden. 

Depending on our conditioning throughout our lives, legacy of family, of systems, childhood, school experiences, authority, etc, will shape how we respond, indeed if we can even survive the awakenings of our lives.
This is where we come to the nature of programming by culture, the social engineering of responses to stimulus.
We have been taught to run from ourselves for the best part, via the mentality of bread and circus indoctrination into living. 

If people are not taken one drug or another they are consumed with obtaining throughout their life with the simple cycle of work, consume, sleep, die.

So depression is not an internal or physical issue at the root cause, 
it becomes so after the internal system has been infected throughout life by poor energetic environments, and stimuli designed to created the depressive character.

Do you really see the rise of depression as a random element of nature? A failing of the human central nervous system or our biochemical body?

I do not!

Depressions is a created illness from environmental factors which undermine us as we pass through life. The behaviours of others from our birth damage us, as they was, passing on to us the infected constructs of conditioning; systems of control which undermine the sense of the developing self, as well as unnatural foods which our bodies do not understand, radiation which was not present on this planet until recently, wifi, as well as the chemical poisoning of our environments, pesticides and such damaging us and the earth. 
These are not random claims, if you have any understanding of our biochemical body then it is obvious how such factors play on our overall health.

We have forgotten we are a symbiotic species.

My opinions are not based on wishy washy ideas, but sound observations and personal experience and research throughout my life.
If you are new to this area, one must research well beyond the normal lines of inquiry, for they have been subverted for the benefit of the system, pure and simple.

Our people are being driven into the ground at many levels and it is not by accident, but by social design.
If you want me to validate in greater depth the conclusions I have come to then read more of my blogs, for our culture is a breathing entity designed to manipulate the collective into ill health. 

Look now at how words, sounds transmits vibrational energy. So what do you think the world of war and hate we perpetually live in does to us? 
The images below are water crystals frozen at the point in time the voice project sound upon them.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Crystal Experiment.

We are a Waring and wasteful culture and while we destroy ourselves and this earth, we turn to the TV pages, and stupefy ourselves with crap TV 'programs', drugs, and any other manner of stupidities to fill our empty and pathetic socially conditioned driven experiences. 

Depression is so easy to understand, even the cures which included changing the direction of our lives, the way we live, however politics and corporate interests dictate how we live, the products and foods available to us, as well as the future direction our society takes. 

This control is gathering pace under the disguise of sustainable development and the like. Our culture is not complicated for it is one breathing entity with an overall agenda, not random occurrences as some ignorant people seem to think.

We are not allowed to direct ourselves as we see fit, we can only do so within a framework provided for us, our direction is not in our control, individually or collectively. 
We have little power to forge a new way, for the demand of living is always impressed upon us. If we do not feed the system we die; for every aspect of living in imbedded into the construct of our cultural institutions and services.

Social conditioning disables us as it is designed to do, so we, for the best part except our environment. Depression is the natural fight against the system, from a disabling of being kept in a state of imbalance and in an unnatural environment. It is the fight against death of our consciousness, of our being.

Once we have been undermined within ourselves, from the collective poisoning, our journey is further hampered by a twisted system of people who themselves have been programmed to think and feel in a way conducive to unnatural living and good health.

The act of our ill health is to show us what is going wrong in our lives, unfortunately most have been taught to ignore their natural predispositions of natural survival, by given themselves away to their masters, 
those archetypal figures of power, of government, Drs, so called 'experts', you get the idea don't you? 
This is of course part of the insidious nature of a clut-ural system and the matrix of control.

This is why we make no progress on issues of health within the medical
profession, not just in regards to depression. We produce remedies not cures in most cases, for we do not accept or see life for what it really is, only what we have been shown it is. Any cures are acutely withheld, as profit is not gained by curing people and the agenda is one of keeping the populace in check and under control, so health is a big tool for social control. 

Step outside of culture long enough, rediscover who you really are, then you will see the brainwashing patterns at play.

If you disagree fine, but watch what time does as you grow beyond the nature of the system, if you allow it.
True health is found by living in harmony with our nature, not against it.

Depression and the internal feelings of anxiety, self doubt, panic attacks, loathing, fear, repressed and suppressed feelings are created by a collective mindset that represents itself in the outworld, but is really an internal distortion passed onto the newborns of a culture creating a vicious cycle, which has been derived from poor environmental and socially fabricated factors to undermine the very nature of the being we call human. 
The legacy of depression is one of pure ignorance and I say again if the medical profession understood the phenomena, depression would be decreasing not increasing. 
They, the medical profession are as ignorant as they come, by design! You try to explain the phenomena of depression in an elegant way to multiple individuals, or 'professionals' and you will find they all respond in very much the same way. 
Institutionalised, indoctrinated thought processes.

They are unable to be fluidic in their internal movement, for indoctabation gets in the way with most, for the best part. 
A reality fixed in it's position of thought and treatment about depression; although they hear, they fail to listen to the depressive or understand seeing only the physical result of the phenomena and not the prevailing factors which cause the dysfunction in the first place. I am not referring to the personal journey of the depressive now but to the elements they do not consider to be a factor. What they are able to think is controlled by environmental, social and educational institutionalised thinking.

This is what the damage of indoctrination does to us, it blinds us to realities beyond what we have been taught to accept. 
The natural world, or our species are not so dull, limited, or lifeless, as the professional mind is!

Depressives are getting younger and younger. Why? 
Again look to the changing cultural attitudes, foods environmental stimuli, the time they grow up in. It is not complicated.
Studies show how the electromagnetic fields of a phone can over stimulate the young, another drug in effect, and that is what we see with their behaviour. 
If you have ever worked with any kind of addict then you will know what I mean. As for towers they are a added source of electromagnetic soup we swim in nowadays and as an electromagnetic being what do you think that does to us?

We have to take into account every kind of pollutant we place in our environment. We are a symbiotic being, depression is an energetic phenomena, like all illness, so by viewing the whole we can better understand the individual phenomena as we see it. 

At the end of the day, if we were wise, we would remove ourselves, our
poisoned beings and allow the young to grow under a new way. A way free from the poisoning of consciousness from legacy and environmental factors, like destructive technology, foods, drugs, people, institutions and so on. 
Or at least seek to reduce those elements of culture and deal with our fear, loathing and self perpetuating destructiveness. People, even seemingly happy ones are slaves to a system of indoctrination and control. Some function better than others under it, or so it seems. 
This is why we have the indoctrination of schooling, for this weeds out those who are prone to survival. That sounds a contradiction doesn't it? But think on this, the dysfunctional are those who feel and cannot cope in a corrupt world, a natural response to a polluted environment. The majority are gentle, confused, disorientated which leads to self loathing and self destruction in some cases. As my professional experience pointed out. 
Then we have those who can cope with the system, so it seems, they are however just as self murdered, lost to the system, dead in consciousness by the time they go into the working world. If you doubt my arguments again that's OK, just ask yourself this, those educated people who fill the halls of Westminster, M15, M16, have you study how they are raised or what they believe, why they can order people to their deaths and live so easy with it, doing so again and again?

Let me speak now of my journey of depression, although the wise will see I already have. 

The real secret here is to isolate the natural voice from the indoctrinated drone of culture. 
Once we have come to understand the processes of depression then life becomes a little easier.  The wound doesn't heal for the factors which cause the disturbance are all around us. We can however alleviate the disturbance culture causes us and come to understand the bigger picture of substances and environmental factors which causes disturbances within us in the first place. 

Cognitive Dissonance is very relative to indoctrinate control but do not confuse this phenomena with natural defences, which are designed to protect your well being. 

I came to understand the need to strip back all concepts of social norms. Not morality, or empathy, for that is inherent within. Just the patterns of control which was undermining my ability to live a 'normal' life. 
The super ego is a real bitch. This is the construct which seeks to impose the norms of culture on us at the expense of all else in some cases.
For me this aspect of my makeup was very strong from family legacy, and the small town I grew up in. So as I ventured out into a more liberal world, the effect was apparent on me, and I would as a very great many of us do, I would venture to say, keep our lives which we build beyond our family separate, as best we can for obvious reasons. 
Generational constructs and ideas cause massive conflicts, which is part of the indoctrinated programing and is senseless as I see it. 

The point is my depression was a multifactored event. It was not one or another; but a series of long running relationships within my life with people who were as damaged as the system, and from all walks of life, not just working class people of my origins. 

My life came to ahead in 2008. The lack of sleep via work, finished me off, sleep deprivation is a nasty tool. 
Up to that point I had survived my culture by long walks and meditations, understanding the many dangers in life. 
Of course it is always the punch that you don't see coming which puts you down. 
It is that punch however which gives and imparts wisdom.

Many disturbances have been caused by unnecessary means of control and disapproval by loved ones. They are the worst kinds, especially when the individual is with moral and legal right on their side. 
It is a shame we take so long to get past our cultural hangups, generally half our life is consumed by reverting the ignorance, for those who are aware of it, it seems.

What I am sharing is this, my dysfunction was caused by invalid thought processes via indoctrination of my white culture, environmental factors from work, including sleep deprivation and living within the towns and cities; lack of proper diet from poor income to support a healthy regime of living, I was not a drinker, I did smoke tobacco and of course the daily grind of news and other programing devices from culture further undermines our sense of selfhood. 
Depression is not a lack of care, that is the side effect from not being able to look after oneself properly in the first place. A reflection of the inversion. 
An individual can have lots of money, be well educated, lived a privileged life, but depression can still strike, he to will reflect the lack of care for himself, reflecting the way he feels. Do you see?

However as I pointed out the roots of depression works at many levels, but the fundamental issues seem to me to be how we are undermined from birth to death and those processes are increasing with the  growing orwellian agenda in society today.

If you suffer from depression remember this and practice this: When you wake remind yourself you are a sovereign person. No one has the right to tell who how you should think or feel, as you have no right to impose yourself on another.
Be mindful as best you can. I understand we can drift and forget where we are at times, this is the will wanting to be removed from the experience of life. We cannot do this. In the end we have to face what is and believe me it is not just ill people who avoid reality.

What we can do is find a place where we find some peace and go from there, build on that. It is not a short journey, but what most people don't tell you about depressed people or any psychological unwell people is they are generally those who are most gifted; the most alive and why they are the most damaged.


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