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The Lie Which Is Sustainable Development

We live in a world where the wealth of the Queen of England could clothe and feed the world and where the wealth of one family, the Rothschilds is over half of the rest of the world's population altogether.

The world's population can fit into Texas, or where everyone in the world, man, woman & child could have a quarter acre of land in Australia and still have a proportion of Queensland left. 
OK not all of Aussie is inhabitable but with modern day techniques most environments can be conquered.
The point I am endeavouring to make is the bullshit I hear from government and the like who states we are short on resources, and have a population which is growing too fast for us to sustain! 
What a crock of fucking shite that is! 
Truth and lies are easy to spot. Most items we use can be made with hemp, this includes biodegradable bottles 90 days life. Just this product alone would save huge resources and damage to the planet. 
We can make cars, planes, clothing, health products, fine linings, homes, and almost everything required to live a healthy life without cost to the environment or each other. 
Trees take fifteen years to grow, hemp less than half a year.
So why the fuck do we not use this resource?

The truth is if we lived a simple life we would need for nothing, there is plenty of room on this planet and we have all we need to sustain a growing population for sometime.
Even the arguement of water is becoming obsolete in today's world.
To your right is the Solar-Powered Handheld Vessel which can turn hot air into cool drinking water.
Read More:

We live in an age of abundance, and technological inventions which are changing the very nature of existence. However we the people only get to experience the worst of the best in most cases. These examples I have show here are only a few of the resources available to us, clean, viable and vibrate inventions which could change our world for the better. But no we have to continue to suffer the big pharmaceutical industries and corporations. 

This is a fucking disgrace. The fact people still listen to the lies about resource shortages, or accepting other humans have to suffer so other can gain is total bullshit. 
These are acts of anti life, any with half a brain can see this. We are kept in poverty, slavery, which ensures we look to ourselves alone, so we can never see past our own nose most of the time. 
The UN agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, is not about resources but population culls, controlling and the herding of earth's population into mega cities, with each human using minimal resources but providing the greatest output.

The claim of agenda 21 is nature above man, but this goes against everything we have seen to date.
No, the earth will be stripped for all resources, rare metals first and foremost for technological use. This is what the earth will look like.
Agenda 2130 is the most insidious of programs. Running side by side with transhumanism, geo engineering, gender identity destruction, the end to national sovereignty, the ability to freely grow, produce and store food, acquire property, drive or have any control over our existence. 

This is the ultimate goal, and of course is moved towards strategically.

One of the reasons why we see so much war is down to future agendas of course, it is good for business in the short term, but this is not the ultimate goal of the cabal, those who have constructed the UN, its agenda and the future plans of humanity.
The influx of refugees and economic migrants are about watering down populations, the sovereignty of the indigenous people. 
This tactic is a very deliberate tool to aid the NWO agenda of a one world government. So the reason for the undermining of the east is easy enough to see, opening up the east to the west, filling the west with eastern refugees, and controlling the resources of the earth for future strip mining and of course removing the enemy as the western cabal sees them, from undermining the global plans.
If you find all this a bit much especially about migrates look at the video above. What would you do if your world was like this?
You would migrate too, wouldn't you? 
The point I am making is your government is the enemy, not those running from our tyranny. This agenda is a vile action of evil. 21 is not about the earth, or the responsible use of resources, it is about the continuing destruction of our species. Nato, UN, the US and western partners are all driving us towards this agenda.
The Greater Israel Project, with Saudi Arabia are the stalking horses of this agenda. Why do you think the US gives billions to Israel every year, and why we sell Saudi Arabia billions of pounds of weapons each year, as well as invite this tyrannical state on to the UN council for women's human rights?

There is nothing we cannot achieve. The image to the right is from the 60s. A sustainable community. So we have to ask the logical question of why we are where we are 50 odd years later?
2130 is a trojan horse, disguised as a humanitarian agenda to deliver a murdering program of destruction and genocide in the long run. 
Don't take my word for it of course, go and research yourself. Read the policies and directions for humanity which the UN have for the world agenda, see past the flowery language and understand depopulation is the key point in this program.
Sustainable Development is such a friendly term full of positive images of a happy future. 
The same trick has been played on each generation, always a promise of bigger and better, only to end in the same way.

Transhumanism is now the new dawn of man, longer life, faster learning, control of every aspect of your life through technological implants and such. The ability to change body enhancing products and mind enhancing products, artificial organs or a robotic body altogether, forgoing the human form, having your brain transplanted into the artificial, living for thousands of years. The question remains of course who will have such rights? The privileged of course and as always we will be the grunts servicing the privileged as always, for those who are left that is. 
Less than one hundred years could see this reality happen with the rate of technological growth at present. To be honest I think we will be way beyond that point within a hundred years, however this it is a good place to start the processing process if you have not paid much thought to such a future.

Ultimately realize this, this world is not being made for you; it never has been, you are the servant of it, simple as, and are given only that which helps you perform the tasks required with the resources needed to stay alive and educate your kin for a life of future slavery, just as you was. 

You are fed pretty images of life and a bright future on one hand and death on the other! 
Do not be fooled by government or institutions, they are here as a tool of control and manipulation. 

Good Journeys.


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