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The Cults Of Death & The Cry Of A Warrior

Ross kemp's interview with the man who admits to the sex trafficking of children and the murder of 400 + children is probably difficult for most people to absorb, seeing this kind of story as a rare event finding the reality hard to accept. However such realities are widespread in the world, and one has to understand the simple truth of this trade, to realise you need money to run it, protection to cross borders and nations. 
Once the flow of the pedo and satanic trade reaches our shores you need the right connections to continue with the distribution, so do you really think these kind of creatures can operate without the right connections? Of the highest level!
Of course not. This is a billions of pounds a year business and do you really believe a grunt would have control of such a lucrative business. It is an example of another pyramid structure, protecting the rich.

Jeffrey Epstein was only one small example of such a network, purchasing from such men, providing for those of power who visited his Island, impressive is the list. So to with Jimmy savile.
Do you really believe a working class boy like Saville, a disk jockey, average by any other standard would have access to the Royal family and such power extended to him via other institutions under any other measurable circumstances? Please, he in his own words described himself as providing a 'unique' service for the Royals....
What unique service could he offer and why would MI5, MI6 allow this man so close to the royals, the elite, when their job is to protect the interests of the Royals and there like? It is so blainted yet people are so stupefied by indoctrination.

Look now at the patterns in play which repeat themselves, proof enough in my book. If a system of events keep replaying out in life, in our reality, what does that tell you. People really must be obtuse to continue to miss what is right in front of their face! Take the vile satanic organisation of religion. The Pope has given clemency for pedophiles though out the generations, not just those who have committed these vile acts in recent times. What does this policy of action tell you! 

Or are you still so blind to see? Look at how they deal with thieves, there is no clemency for them. 
Which is the greater crime! I cannot believe good christian people do not protect their faith they claim to love, yet they still bow to the pope, the vatican, the faith, year in and out.

This is of course not covering the other aspects of crimes this organization is involved in. Which are many, arms trade, their involvement in the death of 100s of millions of indigenous people around the world thought history, and so on.
Death is what we witness every day of our lives by those who are in power or the institutions who work on their behalf.
People disconnect to reality via drugs, spending, fucking, lying, pretending, controlling, game playing, surgery and any other absurdity culture can provide to keep them busy enough so they do not have to stop long enough to have to connect to what our reality really is.

The biggest joke of all is these ignorant fuckers will make out you, if this applies of course, as the crazy for seeing the world for what it is. 
If you wish to continue in the vain of denial hiding behind the levels of distortion and protecting these satanics have at their disposal, media propaganda and cover ups, via police and other institutions, then fine, your choice.

So we have a world which exploits life at every level and death is the god of these satanic mother fuckers. If life doesn't bend or comply you die and every generation will be fucked up as standard. 
The earth is disposable and will be ripped to shreds for every last resource in time.

Animal life along with our life force is dispensable. We are no better than lab rats, which are used every day via vaccines, chemtrails, labour, wars, experiments, plastic surgery, foods, ideals, pollutants, lies, religion, politics, transhumanism, radiation, wifi, and the hits just keep coming, chemotherapy, pills, surveillance, mining, fracking, child poverty, slavery, the collection of organs, the destruction of gender identity and so on. Most of what we have in our environment doesn't benefit our well being, it rapes us from it. 

You look at any area of our life and you will find it has been distorted, causing more damage than good. 

I agree 100 percent with Chris Hedges statement. Every act of law, for example, or bill undermines our environment or the life forces that inhabits it.
Trump the creature he is has just signed an order which affects those hibernating animals.
HJR-69 will see the slaughter of bear cubs while hibernating and wolf cubs.
We are ripping the world apart, stripping rain forests of their life force, destroying biodiversity.

The oceans are polluted with plastics, radiation from fukushima, oil spills, destroyed coral reefs from fishing and chemicals which have cause bleaching and so on. Habitats which have taken thousand of years or more to developed are wiped out within a few hundred years or less.

Tell me do you stand proud of our achievements? 
Our industries, sciences, religions, laws, the hypocrisy of the governments which is more evident than ever, that vile state which serves the agenda of death which is driven by the few. 
We have been told in a thousands different ways and more of their existence and agenda which we call the illuminati. 
 In books, films, symbolism, direct assaults on our world and us, yet so ignorant and brain dead are we, we fail to see the history and the presence of what is in front of our face. Our existence is driven by a satanic based religion. 
These creatures believe themselves to be their own god and they do as they wish with no thought or care of the cost, as long as their objectives are met. As I have remarked upon, who really knows the ultimate truth of why these creatures work the way they do. What I am sure of is our earth, life is suffering at the hands of these maniacs and psychopaths.

All life is now effected from the seas, to the mountains, the earth, and the air. 
Look now at these wonderful cloud formations! Ha, I am being sarcastic. 
However our children are now being taught these chemtrails are new cloud formations and they are being written into history under a false pretext designed to cover the truth of why we are spraying and creating them, and what they are for.

If you want more info on chemtrails and geoengineering there is a post on that subject just search the blog or the internet, there are lots of great people out there fighting this good fight. 

I have addressed many of the subjects on this page in the past. This post is about addressing our collective stupidity over these collective issues, which is driving us into the ground by design, for they are part of one agenda which fulfills many aims for the NWO agenda which our governments and institutions are supporting, via a belief in the agenda, or ignorant, or by bribery, blackmail or any other means the satanic bastards can use to fulfill the goals this cabal have for this planet and us.

The indoctrinated and ingrained stupidity of the people is mind blowing and all credit to the enemy for their manipulation of us. 
Our enemy must sit and laugh their asses off at us.

I cannot sit back and pretend as if the way the masses act or fail to act do not affect our very existence, our future. 
Do not get me wrong I am no saint. Better than some worse than others, if we want to measure my actions and inactions. 
I understand growth takes time when actions are disguised, or we lack education to understand as in the past. 
However, the actions of governments, corporations and media are so blatantly in our faces how hard is it to see what they are and what they are doing?

These creatures will continue to use and abuse you, divide you, screw your children when they are young, when they reach adulthood and for the rest of their lives. To these creatures nothing is sacred, everything is up for grabs, generation after generation, you are a commodity which is traded upon as security for the dollar. Your social security numbers are the collateral. When the US prints money know your are the security. 

The stepping stones of our lives are at the mercy of these creatures for the best part. They are stripping us of our will and health. The lands of minerals and resources, destroying the fabric of life with their poisons, and industries of putrid chemical waste. As I have said they tell you in many ways of their actions throughout time, for a good reason too, as I remarked upon earlier in other posts. 


"The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard and Mordor? To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman and the union of the two towers? Together, Lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-Earth. The old world will burn in the fires of industry. Forests will fall. A new order will rise.  We will drive the machinery of war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc. We have only to remove those who oppose us". 

The old world is burning away, we are in the post human era, transhumanism, biotechnical transformation, weather and environment manipulation, we are on the verge of our end as we have known ourselves and this world. 

The human species is dead, the new world of the NWO is transforming us and our culture into a world of synthetics, in thought, action, deed, and our physical nature.
The amount of unnatural deaths we have suffered at the hands of our enemies, the loss of innocent children to these sick fuckers, as well as good people who created cures or inventions which could have changed the world for the better is massive. Why do you think a patent is required for new inventions? To protect the creator? Think on! The main reason was never for the benefit of the inventor. 

The corrupt media, government and others who happily cover the tracks of this evil while perpetuating their own, only furthers the cost of our species and the pace of it's destruction. 

I say now to those of you who read this post it is time for change, firstly let go of your brainwashed conditioned minds that sees the state as a friend. Stop extending the hand of friendship just so the wolf can bite it again and again.
Stand in unity with your fellow man and woman; allow the bullshit of the programming to slip away from your thoughts so you can hear consciousness once more, and come to realize the union which exists between us all. 
Black, white, brown and the red man. Let us unite, defy and remove this evil from our mists, ensure the legacy of our species well into our future.

Be assured Noah's Ark is filled once more, the seeds of the world are stored, the underground bases for the rich and powerful exist.
Lookup Forbes magazine, and the biggest data collection of DNA is stored, along with the means to recreate any lifeform required. 

It is simple to understand the agenda, all life is to be stipped from this planet in time, at the behest of the masters, as it was a very long time ago. 
They have stored life so it can be reseeded when the time comes, but as always we the people are expendable, we are very close to perpetuating the folly from the long distance of our past, not learning from the wisdom of the ages, for we have been told it is myth, or fancy.

The real question about the nature of this murderous and satanic group is this, why are these 'people' so destructive and unempathic, helping to invert life to death at every level of our existence? 
Is it a lack of empathy or a construct of thought via understanding of knowledge we do not have? 
Could it be we are not in control of our lives as a species, or our government, knowing our time is limited, because at any point a greater force could wipe us from the face of the earth, a force they are subject to, so they drive forward with only their interest at hand? 

This planet has lived a brutal existence at the hands of corporeal life forms who are cold and remote from her, as they are from each other. She bares the scars and the wounds of strip mining and many other
forms of extraction. 
She has lived for billions of years, and in truth we have no idea of her journey. 
We struggle to comprehend each other even within our own time. So do not think you know of her journey, simply by a little science. Most of which changes its mind every 50 years or so because it has rediscovered its own infallible nature once more. 
The dogmatic slowly and resentfully changing with time, so arrogant are they. 
Science tells us many things we already new, which was suppressed by power. 
That which the shaman learned from consciousness and understood, the whiteman had to be able to measure with machines in most cases. He, the whiteman ensured the shamen was butchered with his knowledge as a heathen, for he was too blind to see the wisdom time had imparted upon us via the awareness of consciousness.

I stand alone, but I stand with my brothers and sisters in a common
bond when required. 
I am wise enough to know the true power of what we are at some levels and I am ignorant to other levels.

Regardless of where we are on our journey, we are brothers and sisters of a dying tribe. Be warned now my kin, for our time is short.
One final word, the degrees by which we see the world are small, yet they might as well be mountains between us by the ways we respond to one another. Remember if you have a viewpoint which differs from another, so what! You are blood, and you have a common enemy who will watch you happily fight each other as planned. 
Divide and conquer is the oldest of tactics, do not fall for it, be a bigger person, for thought is a tiny aspect of our existence, in fact thought is us trying to remember something which is larger than all of us put together. However that process has been hijacked and most think on booze, sex, rock n roll, Eastenders, the Superbowl, or other mundane crap. Good Journeys.


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