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Life Death & The Hijacking Of Human Ascension

We, as I have stated in previous posts are divine by the hand of nature and like the many expressions one element will exhibit we express our interchangeable existence in the same way all elements do, in life and death.

Study the nature of water for one small example, see your nature in action. 
Water can be steam, ice, condensation, fog, snow, and so on. These are just the visual transformations, the physical level of existence which we witness of water's self expression. What we don't see about water is its ability to memorise DNA structures. Look that one up folks.

As with our transformational process throughout life from baby to toddler, to child, to adult, to old age and death we are in constant change via the internal and unseen dimensions of our existence, transforming us by a rhythm of natural intelligence which continues after death and beyond. 
Yet something is wrong, we only need to observe our society, or ourselves, our processes of existence have been hijacked and we are deeply distorted because of it.
Many of us are not living our natural design and our planet is a slave colony to feed those who are interfering with our natural processes, who see our nature as we see cattle.

What is ascension? 
Ascension in the dictionary will quote christ's transformation to heaven. Let's decode this mythological based interpretation into natural law; for these stories are created in such a way to hide the true power of our nature and our transformational cycles. This is an act of gross treason by the priest classes who are withholding knowledge from the people about our true nature. 
Our given right is to understand the power and beauty of what we are. Look at the above image, christ, our species is rising from the dark into the light of true selfhood, heaven is the symbolic image of awakening, the light that shines, the transformation to full consciousness.
Below and around the christ image is the dark matter, or dark clouds, below the clouds is the physical, the earth. 
To reach who we are has been hindered by deliberate means. Our natural cycle of evolution has been corrupted at every level of existence, even in death. 
The indoctrination into cult-ure, religion, politics, science, and so on is the physical representation of this corruption. The disciplines themselves are not the cage as such, it is the way they are used by power to indoctrinate mindsets into seeing reality in a limited way which is the cage. 
So the dark cloud represents many aspects of control and restriction to attainment both in the present physical energetic incarnation and in death. 
The rays of light symbolises the two way communication between us the astral and other subtle realms of consciousness which is linked to the physical via the pineal gland. 
Although the rays still penetrate this 'interference' it is enough to undermine the energetic nature of our connection to the whole of our existence. I included the earth, all life on this planet and the physical universe, not just the subtle realms of consciousness. 

This is a deliberate interferance of our abilities to interface with ourselves.

Forget the concept of physical death for a moment, forget how it frightens you, or how you have been taught not to face this construct, to look to God for he will 'guide' you when the time comes.
Realise now what is in life is in death. The physical form is an illusion, although a persistent one, as someone one said, Einstein I think...
Understand your consciousness is what it is now and will be in what we call death. 
In the death of the body we leave behind the chemical world of emotion, and sensory realities, however we do not stop experiencing our existence. It has altered only by degrees, as the child steps into manhood so does the consciousness of our exsistance step into another version of itself. 
I would say to return to itself, but I feel this is incorrect for what we are would have grown from the physical experience which would shape consciousness anew.
I cannot of course be 100% sure of what this transformation means for us, simply because for everyone the outcome will be different depending on our beings advancement. 
What I am sure of, if we are not manipulate during the transition of what we call death, then we will not return to the earthly existence, unless required via free will, choice as part of our over all journey. 
We are here to learn the nature of coalescing, what it means to be a collective entity, the droplet and the ocean, to understand we are one with all life, the earth, the stream, the sky, the worm, the deer, eagle, the manure, fly, a tree, the bacteria and so on; for one day, you, your consciousness may coalesce into a body of a moon or a sun, a star, a galaxy, or another earth like planet nurturing the many life forms of existence as well as many other unseen possibilities. 
I have no doubt many will find the concept of being a star or sun a ludicrous statement, finding such a concept hard to grasp, but of course you would, for you are sold a lie about what you really are. 
If I claimed another part of you becomes bacteria after a while of rotting in the earth, or your decaying body fed the deer via the fertilization of the grass, you would understanding this aspect of transformation, wouldn't you? 
There are many layers to existence, many transformations.
Do you not see the contradiction of thought from macro to microb?
Do you not see the power conditioning has on the creative thought processes? The contradictions culture has created within us is staggering. This is what it means to be removed from the essence of what we are.
We have been belittled to see the construct of our life as it is, and to see it in any other format then what we have been taught to believe is blasphemy, or ignorance, or delusion, depending on your frame of reference. 
The condition mind is encased into slavery by the hand of our enemies.
We are actually a product of eternity and infinity from my perspective.
Our mind in the physical which allows us to decode the vibrational construct called human, but it is our consciousness which is the being in the human. Our physical and mental components only serve consciousness so we are able to pierce the lens of this reality. 
Who are you really? In this point in time and space you are a human as we call it. 
What else have you been? Where and When? 
Consciousness is not limited by time, space or matter.

The pineal gland has cones and rods, just like the eye, however it taps into the rays of light allowing for the two way communication process; in others words to the subtle level of your consciousness, beyond the location of mind. The heart also plays a role here to, it is the empathic engine.

These are the tools for our greater self to express and experience life on this physical level of existence. So in our death we have a greater experience of life in all its forms, and if we are wise we have a deeper compassion and wisdom for self expression of all kinds, understanding how, why, we have such a diverse universe, which of course is an important question to come to understand.

When I say our species is an outstanding piece of work I mean it. However the tragedy of our life and death is that we have been placed into bondage, disconnected from what we are in our entirety.
We are forced into reincarnation by the energetic force depicted in the image discussed at the very beginning of this conversation. 
The dark clouds surrounds the christ, blocking the rays of light back to earth. This is the symbolism of religion, at one level it is there to block the uneducated from truth and the initiated into the wisdom of truth. 
The force we have to face in death will see us reincarnate if possible, back into the physical world if we succumb to fear and ignorance at that point on our journey. 
If we do not become victim to the agenda in death, we can correct our course on this universal journey of ours.

Religion is the servant of this force, unbeknown by most good people. It was this force, the annunaki which created our species, who then created the religions of God as a method of control, along with money, the priesthood, royalty and so on. These constructs of culture were never ours to begin with.

So now let's further enhance on the tools of slavery and save not our insecurities and doubts, our fears and loathings. Let us suspend what is left of disbelief, open ourselves to possibilities other than we have to date. It is only information and an opinion about the nature of reality I wish to share.
Life is energetic in nature, vibrational, sound is the nature of life and all life vibrates at levels of frequency. 

One of the best overall speakers of the nature of our existence is David Icke. He addresses the nature of our species and the nature of control in a very easy way to understand.
If you are new to this subject of social control and energetic control in our lives and after death, listen to the videos I have posted here, they will help you understand the subject matter I have discussed and what we will talk about next.
These videos of course are a long study, so take your time and rewatch as required, be sure you have digested and understood the subject matter.
There is no rush to knowledge and wisdom. If you disagree after the fact so be it. 
I do not agree with all of what D Icke has to say on the various subjects, but overall I consider him to be a well thought out and disciplined researcher, who has cracked the mainframe of existence for us. 
His work on our nature has bought many disciplines together in an easy and comprehensive way to understand the nature of who we are, our existence via our day to day life, as well as the constructs of control we are subjected to via media, technology, religion, politics and so on. He has 'Joined The Dots' of our cultural existence, through time and space. 
So it is obvious why I reference his work as it is a good place to start if you wish to view the world beyond the indoctrinated constructs of culture, and to understand the tools of slavery. 

One other point about Icke which is of merit. He goes where the truth takes him even if it conflicts with current viewpoints, or if he will be ridiculed for it, and that takes guts. 
If new information warrants attention then he will adjust accordingly. This attitude is essential for anyone who seeks the truth about the nature of their existence, the nature of the universe itself. 
One does not allow any construct of indoctrination to get in the way of reality, even if it is distasteful.

I have talked about the nature of the cabal in other posts from my blog. I have also discussed the mindset of these elites, where they think they have come from and why they think the way they do. 
I have discussed the tools by which we are controlled. But to date I have not talked about the darker aspects of their cult and why this aspect ties into the control grid which not only dictates our life but seeks to affect us after our death for the benefit of their bloodline. Reincarnation is another important aspect of control.
Look now at these pictures of the Synod Hall or The Paul VI Audience Hall and see how the pope speaks from the symbolic mouth of a reptile. 
Try to remember their way of given messages to the faithful. When one is working for the betterment of another other than that of humanity, it is always wise to be discrete. However they speak to our subconscious and affect us internally without our awareness of such in most cases. The power of symbols.
The symbolism of this building screams reptile. The textures have a reptilian feel about them as well as the architecture. We have the placement of the mouth from where the pope addresses the guests, and the windows as eyes. 
I do not see this symbolism as coincidence and to think it is is so naive.
The real ball breaker here is the resurrection, which is in my opinion not what
the sculpture portrays. 
It remarks on the phenomena of the transmigration of souls. The figure is triumphant over the other souls under him, in life and death, he dominates and uses those souls as vessels to maneuver and exploit us. This is where David Ickes work comes into play, and it is not the only reference, however for now let's keep things as simple as possible.

Icke discuss the reptilian agenda, believing there is a source of power manipulating our species and has done so from our conception, our beginnings. From my point of view it goes hand in hand with Zecharia Sitchin work. I think there were many failures as ZS described when the gods created the first humans from the genetic soup of the Anunnaki and those apes which inhabited the earth. 
We then had the white race creation which the Anunnaki favoured as described by ZS, for they were in the image of the gods themselves after Enki mated with the genetic creations after a time. 
I do not agree with that statement and believe it is one of the many distortions which have been perpetuated down through history. Although the main theme I do consider to be valid.
One only has to view the artwork around the ancient world, Iraq for one, the life form of a lizard succaling the human child, the birth of our race at the hands of genetic manipulation, and so on. Ironically many of these statutes went missing from the days of the US Iraq war.
It is thought the ancient aliens had a fantastic understanding of the subtle nature of their energetic bodies. To control their life force, shift their shapes and manipulate others energetic structures it seems.
One of the most conclusive facts of our creation is the manipulation of our DNA which has fused material in it. Only one act can cause this, genetic manipulation. There is a second anomaly too the Y chromosome. I will let you discover that phenomena on your own. This is a must watch video.
Lloyd Pye died in 2013 but his work was confirmed even though mainstream will of course never acknowledge it. You must decide for yourselves what is your truth of course. 

To cut along story short the gods and their bloodline have always been here. When a body comes to the end of its life they transmigrate into another body. Symbiotic relationships or full spectrum dominance? 
Who knows, but what is clear this manipulation of life has been written about for a long time throughout history. How much we have right is anyone's guess. However, what is clear the elites and those in power follow a system of hierarchy and they believe in it. Their demi god status is a serious affair in which they have no doubts. The deaths involved from people who have whistleblow on the elite agenda is a staggering statistic in itself.  

The video Revelations.Of.A.Mother.Goddess is a very powerful interview of the woman Arizona wilder who lived and served the royal powerhouse which is Windsor, as well as others, helping to perform ritual sacrifices for those entities which dominate our species. Allegedly. (Smile)

If Icke is right about this aspect of the elite agenda and of course the gods still being with us then we are at the crossroads of starting to solve the inherent madhouse of violence we endure and why the atmosphere of our planet is being changed, including us, along with many unanswered questions of our history and existence. 

This journey is about reclaiming our sovereign freedom on a day to day basis and our connection to all aspects of our self, as well as understanding how we can deal with the violations which occur in death. We are forced back via reincarnation to continually serve the agenda of the gods, not aid our evolutionary process of growth as it should be. 
When we have achieved what is required for ourselves and our growth
then we gain ascension to the next part of our journey. 
Most have been denied this process, it has been stolen from us. The subtle levels of consciousness which we have been denied access to by indoctrination into our culture, including the foods and the technology we are exposed to affects our biochemical make-up, we need to learn to counteract these effects. Being conscious of them is of course a huge starting point.
It is no wonder when we pass most people are unprepared for the journey, which of course leaves us defenceless and easy manipulated back into reincarnation and not incarnation as it should be. Aware of where we have been and going to, therefore able to make choices of where we need to be instead of unconscious thought.
There is much of our world which can lead us astray. It takes courage to take an active interest and desire to control and understand one's life force. If we wish to forge our future free from the matrix of control then this is what we must do. We must be prepared for death and not trust in gods or God! Or atheists come to that! 
Remember systems of control is the name of the game. One must stand within him or herself confidant in their knowledge and wisdom. Our lives should prepare us for our deaths and our future.

One of the videos by Tsarion is about the gods the other is about how we are self murdered. Therefore easy prey, for we are weak, and undermined by the system and its many ways to entrap the beauty of what we are.
If we want to heal ourselves collectivity and individually we must regain who we are, via understanding of our enemies and our own weakness. We have to stand within and be prepared to challenge our false assumption and beliefs about what we think life is and who we are in relation to it.
The destruction of our species diverse nature is no accident and if you want a visual representation of this developing chaos at one level of existence, of how our natural morality and empathy for each other has been undermined, then watch the below video.
A caring human being would not stand by watching this happen to another person. Fear and conditioning of behavioural norms have made us weak and pathetic. 
The manifestations within our physical world is a direct result of the attack on our subtle nature and the inability to tap into the source of who we are throughout our life, which enables us to grow as we should through accessing a greater understanding of wisdom and guidance which comes direct from nature via consciousness. 
We have literally been disconnected. Realise now what materializes in the physical world is made manifest by our internal creative processes or lack of them.

The elites incarnate, if they did not they would not be able to control and direct society as they have been doing for thousands of years. When we start to take back the control of our souls, brake the systems matrix over us, then we realise this is not bullshit or fantasy, or scary, far from it, it is liberating and very straightforward to understand because if feels correct at every level.
I could share events, direct experiences of my life before this time which told me in an intuitive and direct way about that of which I speak. What will be of more value is this. 
As you adventure into understanding this phenomena, you're universal history will be triggered. You will understand without knowing how, you will be driven forward and the matrix will seek to contain you into the small box of existence which you lived in before you started to vibrate in resonance with yourself.
Do not let fear revert your course. You will become more than you can image in regards to what you are today.

Friedrich Nietzsche. “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

We are a lost species with amnesia. Not knowing where we come from. Evolution in regards to humans is not a working model as Darwin himself noted. We have not found any links or a continuum which supports his theory in relation to us.
The anomalies of our DNA is only the begin in the answer to our questions, although they are a big clue for us, if they stand the test of time, and even if the ancient astronaut theory of the sumerian tablets are correct, we still only have a part answer to the nature of what we are. 
If the elites have the complete story of who we are and why we are we will never learn it. 
What matters at the end of our days is we are true to our life force and find our way through the darkness which these creatures have created on this earth for us. 
If I am honest the only response to the suppression we endure is the wisdom of knowing we are feared; why else would someone spend so much time and energy in controlling our species. 
It is what we can become which is of concern. Remember this, for our nature is tenacious and we drive forward forever seeking something which is lost?
We are a dangerous species, not because of the wars or the violence, for that is perpetuated by the few. No, it is our potential that frightens our enemy and why we endure constant suppression and systems of

The last word here is on consciousness. I see consciousness as the being of who we are. 
Our body, mind and other hardware is a vehicle for our universal essence to express itself.
The denial and misunderstanding of consciousness is another product of disconnection, the inability to understand a vastly dynamic and multidimensional construct because we cannot measure it. 
However we can experience ourselves directly, not in the full complete nature of which consciousness is, only aspects of, it is only in death do we see the totality of what we are. This is the price of corporeal existence which is offset by the knowledge gained about such an existence.


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