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Consciousness Is Our Being

So far I have discussed areas of existence which for some might make no sense to them, having no frame of reference to draw upon.
So it seems only logical to discuss my experiences beyond the physical day to day existence of biochemical reality of thought, emotions, feelings, and so on, which of course will give you an understanding of why I see reality as I do.

Consciousness is all that we are, the being of what we are. I discuss our
being in this post. 
Life Death & The Hijacking Of Human Ascension

I am now going to speak of some personal experiences and analyse them for you, so if you have never come across such experiences in your life, when and if you do you will have a frame of reference to draw upon, beyond the religious or new age control grid.

It is argued the first experience is the sweetest of all. In terms of consciousness and tapping into the subtle body of our being beyond time and space is without doubt a mind blower. Frightening, exhilarating, expanding, surreal, defining, mysterious, enhancing, magical, I could go on and on with superlatives, The point is once we flavour ourselves in such a way the physical is in some ways mundane, it is not of course, it is just the power of such an experience is life changing.
Here comes a word of warning, for I have met people who become addicted to the subtle bodies of existence. It is not where we should live, it is a place of remembrance for us when required to achieve, protect, grow, share, inform, learn, and so on.

This is how I see my being. I came here to live a coperial life for a reason, I hope, not to be a slave to any other. To further myself, that of our species, the dynamic nature of this universe and so on. Just by being true to who we are is all we need to do.

So remember wherever you are at this point within your life, balance is key to wellbeing. Do not get lost in any one part of yourself.

So, let's to it. I am now a year of 50 years old. Since childhood I have experienced my consciousness beyond the biochemical journey of the physical.
So experiences from my consciousness, my complete beign, have come into my physical field of view many times throughout my life. Let me clarify this statement for you.

First let's see our being as consciousness, fluidic energy unbound to the constructs of a body, or in time and space, a multidimensional construct which pierces many levels of reality simultaneously. 
The body and mind is another reality which your consciousness, your being has created."Their is no spoon!"
We consider the body to be what we are. It is part of us for we have coalesced it into being, but it is not what we are in our totality. 
The body provides a way for us to experience corporeal reality. When the energetic structure breaks down our corporal witnessing ends and we continue on. 

So, when I said I have witnessed myself, the greater part of what I am beyond the physical I hope you have a understanding of what I mean by that. I will now share an experience of traveling beyond time and space. I was in my late twenties, early thirties and going through a intense period of learning. I came to understand how I could forge the energy of the universe into objects of healing. Combing crystal and wood, merging the essence of life with their cooperation into tools of healing and wisdom for the user. I of course did not understand the power of such tools to begin with or the life essence of the properties used. I learnt the subtle nature of power and communication with time. This is why all life should be seen as sacred.

Around the same time I was meditating and advancing in relaxation practice, 30 minutes, sometimes forty without any interruption from the chatter of mind, ego, which always seeks control. 
I have moved into many realities of my consciousness when in a meditative state and although most experiences have transmitted knowledge at one level or another, and each powerful in their own right, there was one experience which blew my socks off.
I was in a deep state of relaxation, summer time, around the millennium, I had not contrived of a destination, only to relax and regenerate after a very taxing day. 

I had already felt the movement of synchronicity that day, with a meeting with another young consciousness, which I thought I new somehow? 
At the time thinking that maybe we shared some historical story of youth, a life experience and that was the nature of the connection with him. 
This is relevant so hold on to this.

As I mediated, suddenly and without warning, I felt a pull, and a sudden transformation of location. My consciousness, apart at least, was in a body of another, the time and place was in what seems to be our ancient past. 
I was seeing through the eyes of another possibly, or myself in an old life experience or alternative one? 
A priest class, I knew what he was in that experience and the world was as tangible as it is sitting here, writing this blog. 

I accompanied a group of two, I was the third an interesting number, they were people of great power in their time. 
I do not know who they were as such. They were tall, egyptian like, I was walking behind them, and from an advantage point I could see through part of the city complex. 
Complete was the city, a pyramid shining in the background like I had never seen them before, massive structures of stone buildings and walkways, with a soft light from sunset which pierced the city walkways, lighting the buildings soft stone. A feeling of divinity passed over me.
So powerful was the experience I suddenly felt afraid, not of the environment but of those I was shadowing. 
It was then I was yanked back to the corporeal, as fast as I had left myself. 
This was long before any art could render such a world. Computers and the like, I was living a simple existence and later in life I saw a program on ancient egypt which made me draw breath, for they had recreated the capstones as I had saw it in the dimensional consciousness of my being.

I wish I was an artist, however I am crap at drawing. 
This image for some reason represents a feeling for me, but not the city itself or the lighting I experienced. I have searched but cannot find a image which can portray the experience of which I speak. 

Before I continue know this, there is a saying, 

"Those who know of it, speak of it not." 

Do not listen to that piece of advice, for it is the priest class keeping the secret of what we are silent. They are always seeking to control and keep you child like.
However once we speak of it, resolve what it means there is room for the next experience to flow.

Do not be afraid you will lose something or give it away. This is fear, the enemy within. 
You are timeless and infinite, so what do you have to fear? The only condition for the wise is when such a experience happens and it is new to you, speak to a trust person who will not belittle you.

When you share such knowledge ensure the person is ready for it in their evolutionary journey. Yes we need to ensure we use 'responsible speech' in our lives, but not control which restricts growth, it is a fine line. As for this post, I feel, I know people who are ready will find it via synchronicity.

So, to return to the young consciousness I had felt synchronicity with. I did not see him again until the Sunday of that week, two days or so after the journey into the depths of consciousness.
I returned to work on the Sunday, and had only shared the experience with one person who would not have betrayed my trust or had access to the said individual before or after the sharing. 
What was to follow left a bigger impression on my mind and emotional body than the aforementioned experience. 

I cannot, will not go into detail, if you have ever worked with the vulnerable you will understand. However during the course of the day, lunch was being prepared and the residents would loved to share this time with the staff. However, it was a quiet day, and only one lad shared the making of the meal with us.

I cannot remember the trigger which energetically change the vibrational nature of the room, of him, us, it was a collective experience of three, the mind of the young man I knew was temporarily 'on hold' and an memory or experience was shared by a voice of the past in context to the experience I had a few days previous, with a warning.  
These events were bound through multidimensional time and space. 
I think it is possibly this experience could have been an alternative reality, remember what I said about the nature of consciousness, which is not bound by time, space or dimensions.

It was over very quickly and the vibrational nature of the room change back, as it was before the event. 
I looked at the lad, I called his name questionably, he looked at me, it was him and I asked him to repeat what he had just said, he replied in the negative confused.

My colleague and I just looked at each other, we discussed the event later that day, when the time was suitable.

We are not linear, we do not live a linear existence and it is by no chance or coincidence the three people in the room on that Sunday came together to relive and express in some small way the awareness of another time or place. The connection of synchronicity, of three beings colliding again in time and space.

The message was mine, first and foremost. I understand why my greater consciousness shared this experience with me. I hope I have absorbed the right lessons from it. So I do not repeat my past, or betray myself or my people ever again. As for the lad, his consciousness protected his innocence in that moment, for he was not ready to remember.
My colleague and I had a great affinity with each other from the time we met, it was an uneasy one to start with, and now I understand why. It was not just our life journeys to date which got in the way, but another life.

I never shared any of my life with clients, let alone something so personal as the experience I had. 
It is one of the most powerful experiences of my corporeal life.
I somehow feel it will not be the last. 
I feel I was part of the priest class and this is why I have such issues today with any form of religion, I loath it's corruption of the people and the world. 

I have never been able to stomach injustice and I consider this journey to be a correction of past failings on my part. Atonement for the 'evil' or wrongdoing I did in other lifetimes and places.

Another aspect of my journey was to understand we are tracked through time by our enemies, they have the 'tech or knowledge' to do this.
I will not go into that now. However, I will expand on this issue in another post. 
This wisdom comes from life experiences and a greater understand of the dynamics of existence. 
I really do wish I could have a way to measure that which I share. However I know anyone with experience will get where I am coming from, if not in whole, then in part, even if they see it in a different format from indoctrination, belief, science etc. 

Needless to say my being has experienced many events, déjà vu more than once in my life, which I decode as consciousness showing my mind a change of events within the current timeline was in process, collectively, not just in my life. 
I think this happens all the time, the dictionary definition of déjà vu is the feeling of already experiencing the event, which is not separate from my thoughts on this subject but part of the phenomena.

Remember we are 'tapped' into the whole of creation and we only have a child like grasp of who we are! 
If more people could see the magic of what life really is instead of focusing on the collection of money, property, power & control then this world could be very different.

In time I feel we will evolve into something quite special, if we do not destroy ourselves first. 
It is not that we are not unique as we are, we just do not deserve any praise or self recognition when the majority of the species is a world of TAKERS!

Again, I hope the shared experience of my life offers something of value for you, even if you do not understand much of it. 
Know this, by reading this post you will activate that unknown part of yourself and over time you will slowly become aware of a greater proportion of what you are in regards to the subtle aspect of your existence.

Soul, spirit, these terms were used to create a barrier between you and what you are. Conditioning! Control!
The priest being the link to God who can forgive you and help you find salvation. This is bollocks. You are your own master by the divine hand of nature, by creation, so you are responsible for all that you do. If you make a mistake it is yours to correct, and learn from. It is yours to feel and experience, to be responsible for. No amount of hail marys will change that fact!

One final word on conception, do you think you and the man or woman you are with are the only creatives in the process? Even before conception? 


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