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Consciousness Is Our Being Part 2

One of the most destructive weapons which the enemies of our species use against us is psyops, the influence of perceptions and attitudes of individuals and groups. 
We are under constant bombardment everyday by weaponized news services, environments, ideals, religions, institutions and so on which all promote fear.

The latest large scale influx of migrants and refugees which is driven by the west's bombing of the east helps wonderfully, creating fear and loathing in bucketfuls, making loads of money in the process for arms manufacturers whose investors included the Queen of England, and the Vatican. 
The influx into the west of such a large body of refugees enables the future agenda of uniformity within societies, which of course is the destruction of nationalised sovereignty by watering down the indigenous populace, so to speak, helping the NWO agenda of a one world government.

We see the effect fear has on the populations of the world, this save me, save me mentality, which fear produces in the populace heightening ignorance as emotions fly bypassing reason, if any existed in the individual(s) in the first place, because of the constant deployment of such tactics which overwhelm the populace.

People have become so simplistic in their ideas and reasoning about life for the best part, living an existence which is an insult to consciousness, their very being, daring not to say or do anything which might offend or challenge the construct of the social norms in regards to one group, but will then reflect the same feelings openly about another, for it is acceptable to do so?
The population's consciousness has been blocked, weakened via fear, chemical poisoning, technology, foods, drugs, and so on. People are so fractured in their feelings and thoughts, they contradict themselves endlessly.
Look at the yearly cycles of fear driven by the news reporting of Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, who have always served as the 'little whores' of time; a perpetual enemy for the west to watch and fear, with the yearly parades of news stories reminding us of the 'inevitable doom' they herald.
Then we have the constant warnings of health risks throughout the cycles of the year, via the news or through work, schools and so on which keep us informed of the fragile nature of our existence and how nature is our enemy, ebola, bird flu, aids, cancer, flu and so on, with the ultimate reminder of how the old suffer with age, dying in the cold of winter without enough resources to live on, alone, or in a care home where they are mistreated unless one can afford a principled establishment. So you better keep working hard slave! Or you'll end up like them! 

Fear Porn as some phrase it, is the ritualized brainwashing of the population.
This was once God's holy work only, to distill fear in the populace, now it is a matter for every aspect of our culture, even within the family.
Be ensured from the moment you wake until you close your eyes you will perceive danger from one source or another. 
It could be by a different language, the way others look, act, or are perceived by the individual or group, our programming works at many levels. 
It doesn't matter how fear is created, just that it is. What it does to us is beyond criminal, however, we are stupid for allowing fear to dominate our lives in the first place. 
What is more dumbfounding is people butcher one another for systems which was never their own; for something they were born into not something they created for themselves. The stupidity of it all. 
This ritualized culture which people adopt as their own is the quintessential form of dissociation one can witness from the phenomena which is culture.
If we lived as we were designed to, and was taught from the time we were born, that we are consciousness which needs to learn the art of creation, as was intended, then we would have a natural world of multiple creators, not concerned with dominance or control, for people would be expressing their own divine nature, living out their incarnate design being the living embodiment of their consciousness, which is the essence of what they are.
When we are free from conditioning and able to self express all that we are, have been and will be within every moment, then we understand why the energetic structure of fear exists. 
Fear exists in our culture by the bucket load to keep the being in an energetic cage, which is culture and holds the individual in limitation, using our magical nature of creation against us.

If you think we are creative to date then you are deluded. Our creations serves the system, not our intrinsic natural design. 

You might feel like you are creating and doing something great with your life, but that creation is within a system and most of what we create is used to undermine the population, not help them grow.

As I have remark on before this is why we have such dysfunctional societies. Why people commit suicide, self harm, rape, murder, steal, lie, degrade, forincate, use drugs and so on, for their natural design has been suppressed and they have been subjected to a programming of self loathing from birth.

This is what happens to us when consciousness, our being, the full multidimensional self is disconnected from us via programming or other means.  
We are of course never fully conscious of our full being when living in the corporeal existence, however, living in low vibrational frequencies is destructive to our health and well being for we are disconnected from our greater self.

Why do men see nature as something to conquer? 

The answer is many fold, fear from destruction, ( which of course is an illusion, see this post Consciousness Is Our Being ) from nature and of course our culture which has perpetuate a loathing of the nature world within us. There is not one single aspect of our nature which has not been manipulated by the system. You try to get people to even look at this structure in their lives and most of the time it is an uphill struggle to start a conversation let alone maintain one to a satisfactory conclusion for the parties involved. Our rationale, the best part of what we are from intellect has been broken down into nothing more than a reactional system of programming. We spout forms of thought which consists of contradictions, lies, subversive indoctrination from culture with never a thought of what we are truly expressing.
The normalization of insanity is staggering, absolutely staggering. What is so phenomenal about this equation is people do not see it and when they do glimpse freedom the first instinct is to run back to 'farther', that archetypal figure which clut-ure has ensured you can turn to with even greater devotion.

What example can I give to you of creation in action beyond the systems values or constructs? Truth is I cannot think of one, for it is something someone must do, and be to get it. Not until you walk your own path will you see what was, in relation to what you have become.

The path can be shown to the individual, but he or she must walk it themselves.

The only example I can give of how my awareness affected my life is thus: 
I let go of all material life. I now write, and the few things I have are a product of the past. I live and breath with the earth, and although I understand the nature of my culture, interacting with it as little as possible, I do not allow that construct to blind me from my inherent truth of my existence.

I have come full circle to understand that which is most important. The development of my nature, this structure in its corporeal form and the greater consciousness of my life is vital for when I drop this body, so I am ready for the challenges which await me on my continued journey. 

If you wish to understand my viewpoint then read this: Life Death & The Hijacking Of Human Ascension

When it comes down to it, you must journey towards your true power, the greater self of your existence, the very thing we are denied by our culture, well this is what they try to do to us, and they do a very good job to I might add.
How many Mozart's do we see express themselves? He is the kind of example we find when we are in tune with ourselves, although I venture he still was not complete himself. 
Others examples of excellence, freedom, could be physical examples, or healing abilities, which we have but only in small measures as the energetic nature of life is fucked by the system from birth.

A Final word:

David Icke " Remember Who You Are!"
Once you remember you start to take control of your energy field once more, this is the start, then we activate growth at all levels of awareness, if we are wise. 
The biggest trap it that of time, we never have enough, which is a very deliberate act by the system keeping you forever off balance
In the end it comes down to choice; to have all that you want, or to be what you are, and to seek only what you need. 
This is where most will fall down, for they want endlessly, a part of the program of course and the system is only happy to oblige. 

So in the end if we want to be free, to know who we are, having time with no debt and the ability to spend a life understand why and what we are here for, to truly live, then we need to change taking back what we are. 
Transcendence costs! Growth and the return to self costs! It is the price we have to pay to return to the intrinsic parts of what we are. 


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