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Bioquark A Biotech Company - Consciousness Violation - Frankenstein Returns

"Bioquark, a biotech company based in the United States, has been given the go-ahead to begin research on 20 brain-dead patients, in an attempt to stimulate and regrow neurons and, literally, bring the patient's back from the dead."

Biotech Company Granted Ethical Permission

OK, where do I start with this one? 

Let me say this, I do not have a issue with science or invention per se. 
What I do struggle with is ethics, I consider a wise man will not interfere with the cycle of death directly, for good reasons. 

We manipulate life all the time, yet we should still be wise with what we choose to alter within our environment. What bothers me is science, has a frankensteining nature, with never enough respect or concern for the factors which we cannot allow for. 
The lab is not the natural environment, the measurement of impact is impossible to calculate.
It is unwise to consider we know better or can see the strands of time, of evolution, to see the future which will manifest with the added elements which have been place into the universal matrix.

What is being proposed here by Bioquark is just that, an adventure into the universal matrix of existence. 
What will reviving the consciousness of a being do? Not just on its return to the hard drive of the brain, but within the subtle levels of a being's consciousness

I am in no position to offer a definitive on such a subject, but boy does such an event concern. 
I am an adventurer, however as such I have learned we are children and we must proceed with wisdom. The universal is a finely balanced organism.

If science was wise, and calculated the variables of such experiments on a quantum level, a multi dimensional level, then I could feel somewhat easier about such in-roads into what we express as death.

Let me be clear, I see death as a dropping of the body and the continuation of a multidimensional construct, which pierces many layers of reality.

So for argument's sake, what are we doing to the construct of consciousness by interfering and seeking to return a part of consciousnesses back into a vacated piece of meat? 
Which after all was just a vehicle for this being to pierce this level of corporeal reality?

If I am correct from my deductions, my personal experiences and research, then consider this post in context to this subject.
Consciousness Is Our Being

I guess my concern is one of perversion, of screwing with the very fabric of our development, as a collective and as individuals. 
We have changed the essence of our species already, 
as I have pointed out we are in a post human era. 
We are affecting the evolutionary processes of ourselves and this planet, so what will this next step do to the 'great ocean of existence' ?

Through the ages we have always changed our environment to better serve the few. 
As always these agendas are pushed forward for the benefit of power and control, which is not in the people's interests, more often than not!

So, why do the people not see the danger of Frankenstein's Return!

I hope the coming decades do not see the total perversion of the sciences and of people's desire to live forever. 
This would be a very big mistake from my understanding of life and death.
Within our hands we hold the balance of our life force and many other life forms too, via genetic tampering, Cern and other such projects, which if we are not wise and tempered in action could lead to our potential destruction. 
This is not drama, merely a statement of fact. Let's hope we get lucky if these people do screw up in some major way. Although for me they already have.


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