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WAR! The Sickness Of Cult-ural Programming.

Year in and out we, the UK and her partner's wage war on the world and we call ourselves a decent nation, civilized, a humanitarian based society. We and the US arm Saudi Arabia with billions of pounds of weapons a year, so those sick fascist murdering bastards will do our bidding with Israel and keep the east in perpetual turmoil, killing millions every year. 
War is great for business eh!
If we as a culture was moral at any level, strong and truly loving we would be at the doors of our capital demanding change, staying until it occurred. Our lack of inaction shows us up for what we are as a group of people.
We are so indoctrinated into war beyond our natural predisposition most have come to passively accept this 'evil' and listen to these creatures, these politicians, who spend our taxes murdering people around the world.
Do not give me this shite fascist arguement about defence!
These wars are a product of business, of the NWO agenda, having nothing to do with religion, race or defence. That is the brainwashing you have accepted so these evil elite men of power can get away with what they do in our name. 
It really is time to grow up and understand fully the game of which we are a part. Sit back and focus on this story on these wars, beyond the time limit of the news or the paper you read. Enough is enough! 
No more blood.
You are played every day to serve and fulfill the aims of this system which the 'economic hitman' speaks of in the above video. 
Do you not feel any anger, and indeed sickness? 
You are a fucking puppet and your puppetry, our puppetry, sees the death of millions every year! I do not know about you? it fills me with a sacred anger. Not in my name! 

Regards Luga

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