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The Pendulum Effect. The Tools Of Slavery.

In this post I intend to address the nature of control in its subtle format, by which I want to address the surface of politics but go underneath the physical view of this construct to dig around at the unseen levels of existence and how this tool of slavery has worked upon man in conjunction with many other constructs like money, for thousands of years, now we have vaccines, wi fi, and many other sources to contend with which disrupt our energetic fields. 

The Pendulum Effect is well recorded all the way back to pre Egyptian times.
A tool designed by the gods as Zecharia Sitchin describes it in The Lost Book of Enki.
It was the will of the gods to keep humanity off balance, and so they constructed many languages and other constructs of control to enhance their status over time and keep control of the human population by division. Well, not much has changed has it! As for the pros & cons of Sitchin's work I will leave that for another time.
The point is we as a collective and on the individual level are undermined energetically, physically and emotionally.

The Pendulum Effect is the everyday tool of those in power to control the masses. People sway back and forth from one pole of the political spectrum to the other over time, left, right, left again. Yet these two hands are on the same body, it matters not who one votes for, we are always off balance emotionally as well as intellectually by the daily bombardment of news, but more importantly is the conflict the institution of politics causes within our social groups and our wider community.

Regardless of the stance you take you are always energetically manipulated through time, whether you see it or not, by fear, or conflicting institutionalised concepts which keep us divided and conquered.

We are a human, bio energy, this might be hard for you to get your head around. So try listening with your heart! You cannot escape this truth even if you wish to deny it. You are a subtle body of energies which communicates with life at many levels. You produce a field of energy called a torus, which fuels the aura of your being. The Earth has the same structure and we are linked to it, all life is.

This structure of energy keeps us healthy and vital. So what happens if this field of energy is disturbed?

How do we function when this field has been manipulated and undermined?
Why are we not taught of our complete structure of existence as we maturated from child to adulthood?
The answers are many fold and complex but let's start with this.
If you was taught about your true nature from childhood you would be a very different being from what you are today.
How can I make such a statement? How do I know? Am I not part of the same system? Yes, but I have taken the journey in developing knowledge and control of my complex system and I do not sit in denial of it even when the power of it frightens me.
I will explain that statement later, but for now let us continue to explore our energy field and how unique we would be compared to the robotic nature of what we are as individuals and a collective in our modern day society. When we are vibrant and healthy our field of energy surrounds us, generating a complete protective shield. The above image highlights a healthy field and a very badly damaged one.
Therein lies the damage The Pendulum Effect has on us and that is just one small tool of many used against us. The constant back and forth politics, the never ending circle of deceit, lies, war, hate and indifference the system generates creates an energy field of low vibrational energy which permeates through us and because it is of a frequency which is destructive, negative, it undermines our emotional centre, central nervous system and affects the overall effectiveness of our field of energy.
Unbalance is created from fear, anger, frustration, and indifference which is derived from our conditioned points of view. The Pendulum Effect has been used against the common people for a very long time. This knowledge has been held down through the centuries by the priest class and these techniques have been applied across the indoctrinated spectrum of control.
If you doubt my words, observe how words, which are energy, thought, vibration, effect life at the unseen energetic level, and then you will begin to understand what the repeated energy of politics does to our biochemical systems.
The video example below shows how words create energetic patterns within reality, water in this case, be astounded. I was.
My respect to David Icke who made me aware of this wonderful and magical knowledge and to the work of Masaru Emoto. R.I.P.
People will pick up on negative vibrations from others and will avoid that person like the plague, and visa versa if they feel good around another.
However, people continue to tolerate a perverted & monolithic system which not only undermines the energetic nature of a being but also absorbs it. The latter of this statement I will enhance on at a later date
and the politician is veruse into the nature of sorcery, the dark arts whether he or she knows it or not!
If you question my statement as insane, think on the acts of a politician who can support or order war, abuse a child, sell out his country's needs or ideals for a lobbyist of another country, or help in the stealing of human rights, or the destruction of communities or land in the name of profit, or indeed seeding social control and then preach morality to the majority.
One is moral or one is not, a man cannot claim the grey area here. One of the few exceptions in my book.

Whether you are aware of these truths or not they shape you into a being who is entrapped not just energetically at the base level but on a multidimensional level as the being you are. The single biggest delusion is that we are just a physical body and consciousness is a random act of existence.

Our lives have been manipulated at every level of awareness, it is only when one steps away from the conditioned mind does the true horror and terrifying truth of our enslavement becomes clear, but even when the dawn of awakening emerges in us we learn our independence is a daily battle to defend

Mindfulness is the key to staying disconnected to the 'matrix', but sadly time is used against the collective and the individual, along with money, and the natural destruction and regeneration of our energetic fields.
When I say there is a war on our species, I mean it. I am not being dramatic, or manipulative, it is fact, a truth for me. 
You must decide for yourselves whether what I share is relevant for you. Research for yourselves and go on a journey of learning and experience, reading is not enough.
I post memes and videos as examples of what helped me clarify my thought structure and feelings, my experiences in my day to day life, my meditations and astral travel experiences. 
Yes I journey beyond the body, into the subtle aspects of our nature. 
We all can do this, we have just been denied that knowledge, or we deny ourselves, and the natural events that happened to me when I was young won't happen to most children today. Why? 
Wi fi, towers, radiation, vaccines which disrupt pathways and damage the immune system, all add to the new soup the young swim in. 
It will slowly become harder to access and reach the natural rhythms of growth and regeneration and people will slowly be more reliant on 'the system' fueling them and their future devices which will be required to function in society. 
In other words you will need to pay to be recharged. I talk of the future, of transhumanism. Yes this is relevant to this topic, for where we were once controlled by the power of religious, political dogma and drugs, the new paradigm of control is transhumanism.
We already see holdables, wearables, with implantables now being tested ready for worldwide distribution.
The internet of things, medical, economic worker based transitional devices, plugin devices, to full Borg humanoids; but of course instead of looking like the borg your implants will be stylish, affordable and essential for survival, in terms of working and living. I can hear you now, "Luga you are off your tits, you're a nutter, it will never happen!" Maybe so, but I am sure of my feelings and thoughts to date.
Down the line as we get closer to such a reality I might change my mind with the info available at that point in time, but what is undeniable is the transhuman era is here, we are in the days of the post human, like it or lump it folks, where we end up from here is anyone's guess? The reason for this speculation is obvious of course, our environmental and genetic manipulation to date is not the end only the beginning. Our biochemical systems has to cope with man made chemtrails, radiation, crappy foods and environments, toxic for the very core of our being. Again another subject I will expand upon and justify in a later issues of this blog for those who have doubts of the validity of my statements. I write for the benefit of humanity; where I am misguided or wrong time will tell and with the telling I will grow, as we all do if we are wise.
There is so much that is going on, so much many just want to turn away from. I understand this I really do, I am human. However, these products and ideas of man are not all bad, in fact we are gifted with the ability to created, it is just a bugger that ability of creation is manipulated by the insane to control us.

I will write more on my thoughts about the construct of control as I go, but believe me there are people out there who can help you come to understand the nature of reality and this control system far better than I. 
If you are totally new to self evaluation rather than the indoctrinated ideas of culture then you could do a lot worse than listen to this Radio Show- Richie Allen. It is informative and is a great starting place for new seekers. Remember as you seek you are your own master, never get sucked in by any! You are a sovereign entity, nothing has the right to control or manipulate you, it is your given right to self expression and to be 
free from control, no matter what anyone else tries to do or say to you; never give in. 
The Tools Of Slavery are many, they interconnect like a web, so we seek independence for ourselves and not be subject to anyone, and vise versa of course.

I write for myself and to be another voice in this battle we are in; too advanced and protect our species, our society and ourselves; for the future, for peaceful coexistence. 
If we are free, truly, each of us, there would be no triggers to encourage violence within us, for little or no suppression or repression would exist. Ergo we would not be so easily manipulated. It is the slave who rallies to the banner of war. The slave alone. The sovereign man knows better.

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Regards Luga.

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