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The Lies Of Culture. How We Are Divided & Destroyed By It.

Culture is the institutional control of a mass population, the brainwashing of minds across every field of thought & feeling, dominating the landscape of the populace. 
The people feel safe in this illusionary world, but at what cost? 
One can argue the masses never have a new or original thought. Everything they do is cult originated, yet somehow they think they are beginning rebellious, unique or 'different' to others, when in fact they are a produced product of indoctrination from the very start of their life to the end of it.
The very nature of control which creates indifference in us, is from deep suppressed & repressed emotions. Those in power want dysfunctional people, for how could they fight there wars otherwise, 
keeping the population divided and in a cognitive state of disharmony is the very nature of power, from the bully in the playground to the CEO, to government and beyond. 
We are so conditioned - programmed - brainwashed - by the system of indoctrination any challenge to that construct causes pain, rejecting even the most logical information of an event or thought or indeed an emotion.
I wish to pause here, and add culture is not all bad of course. It's main function is to enhance the life of the populace, hence the original meaning for fascism was strength in unity. The symbol below is an original representation of this, which pre-dates the Romans so I understand.
The point is, if, when we are born our culture nurtured us the right way, then we would all be so much more than we are. I venture wars would be obsolete, hunger and homelessness to. Many would argue the growing overpopulation as a source of contention, a fable quite simply, another control mechanism and psyop on the populace. 
This is a thriving planet, which we manage poorly. For example, China uses the Rhino horn for medicine, yet they hunt this animal to extinction? The big oil companies have bought and paid for any and all alternative power run engines, as the energy companies have paid for or stolen alternative energy systems. 
Whichever industry one looks into the system controls technology, suppressing advancements in many fields for their own financial benefit & to keep us firmly fixed in our enslavement. Look at the advancement of computers in the last 50 years, then compare the oil industry in comparison?
We must ask why there is such indifference towards the general population. 
It doesn't take much research to start to understand why one's culture works the way it does.
If we do not question the norms of our culture with an even and critical eye we are doomed to repeat the cultural idiocies of our ancestors. We will continue to serve and die on a battlefield for the bankers and powerhouses of the world; severing in workplace servitude until the day we die, because we have been told from birth that is the way it is.
These are unprecedented times in terms of knowledge. We have access to a wealth of online information and cultural knowledge from around the world. If we fail to use the resources available to us, to grow beyond our beginnings, then we have dishonored the past, our ancestors, ourselves, letting down future generations to come. 
Every generation has it's battles. Ours is to use the wisdom and the knowledge available to us, so we can create a better world for all. 
I know many will not share that sentiment, however for the first time we have a level of freedom which the people of the past have never had. If we are able to use discernment & wisdom with the information out there, coming together, we can forge a new world for ourselves changing the global agenda which endeavours to enslave our species completely, seeking to change the very nature of what we are.
Every day we are in a raging war! I am not talking about bombs either. I refer to our food, health, education, environment, family structure, and every other level you can think of. We are under constant attack to undermine our very well being. Our families are at the mercy of fascist institutions like Social Services, or the vaccine culture, big pharma which is causing untold damage to our children and their immune systems. At the very start of this personal report on our decaying culture I asked how do we grow in such an environment, do you not see, we are not meant to thrive as we should. Every aspect of our lives is set against us from the moment of our birth to our death. Unless of course you are born into the right house! The right bloodline.
Tell me, how do people grow without OPEN debate? Even if it is distasteful to others? 
How does our species grow beyond its cultural belief system if people are denied the right of the evolutionary process? Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual?

Let's be clear, the culture you are born in is the start of your journey, not the end. 

It is a place where one can start and take the 'first steps' to full selfhood, however this is not what culture is used for. A wise culture seeks growth for all, frightening others into silence or acquiescence when what they feel or think is outside the norms of the culture, is a childish act of control and ultimately a detriment to society.
All we do by trying to keep people within institutionalised structures of thinking, and doing, is keep those beings who are growing beyond the set norms in the shadows, and at worst ingrain the indifference one will feel towards life, when self expression starts to move the individual beyond the narrow confines of institutionalised mindsets, cheating the individual of potential brilliance.
Scolding, lambasting a person, gender or group is not effective in helping positive change to occur. The levels of control in our life are there simply for the few to control the many, just so a small few can sit on billions of pounds or dollars, gold, jewels and the like, maintaining their power structure which they think they have a right to at the cost of six billion people. Bloodlines, heritage, culture, is the very essence of fascism, hatred, racism and is the tools by which the people have been dominated with since our beginnings.
It is time for the people to put aside these false loyalties. Breath deep and move forward free from the prison of indoctrination, from cross & crown and the false nature of the future control systems of transhumanism, & the NWO.

We are capable of great beauty and creation. However we are born into a world of war and hate designed to keep us in fear our whole lives. Our children are subject to intense schooling, programming, so by the time they leave the institutions they are already dead creativity and in some case within. Any defiance, or sovereignty has long be programmed out of the individual for the best part. 
If we address any aspect of our life's, our creativity, it is quite simply strictly controlled. We think we are free, this delusion, this self imposed prison of the brainwashed is outstandingly brilliant and simple.

The fear of 'professionals,' I use that term loosely, is appalling. Those who are not fearful of the monthly wage pack disappearing are generally corrupt & self serving, all to ready to spout the party line, ensuring the slavery of the masses continue.
It seems the philosophy of our leaders has always been one of fear rather than love, respecting the bonds of common cause.
However you view your existence, if you have the time research beyond the normal channels of investigation. 
Listen to the so called 'nutters' of our culture, those who are labeled so because they actually do have something of value to offer.

Listen without prejudice. Remember that prejudice is there to keep you caged and if you find profound wisdom, truth, keep it safe, ensure no one corrupts it for you.

Here is a link to my Google Plus - Info Videos. page. Lots of well research material from mainstream institutions and the 'nutters' of life! 

Here you can find more information on many subjects. I have collected lots of informative videos into groups for easy reference across a broad spectrum of topics. Youtube -Truth Has No Master. 

One final word. I am a man of peace. True wisdom and personal power is found within, we only need brake the invisible chains of slavery to start to come to understand what we are truly capable of. 

Self discovery is a journey for a lifetime. May your adventure never end.
Regards Luga.

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