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The Land Of ( Murderers Fascists Racists & Civil War ) The Free?

What I write now I write with a glad and willing heart. I offer a warning to the people of the US. I write in a direct and forthright manner, for our time is short.

The United States Of America is a country where any manner of inversion and contradiction can be found.
The Land Of The Free, is without doubt one of the most outrageous
statements of bullshit one could ever image to comprehend in a country where it's history denotes anything but freedom.
From the moment of its conception it has been a puppet for evil, concealed in noble ideals which are printed on paper only. Foregoing the good day to day citizens, the US is a cesspit. I hope those good people will forgive this brutal assessment of the US. I do not hold my own country in any greater esteem. The UK is just as vile and is of course the progenitor of the states.
I can hear your shouts now, your protestations! Don't you know your history man, the war of independence? We kicked your ass.
Oh I know my history and the US is the puppet of cross & crown which includes financial families. Fact!
The geological history is one clue, well proof actually; the US is a puppet for Israel. The UK also serves the Rothschild Zionism agenda. This is why the US gives Israel billions every year, and serves her interests like the UK. Let me be clear, the Rothschild zionist agenda is a political movement of globalists not a religious one. Their ranks are filled with Jewish and non Jews. The Rothschild use the beautiful Jewish people and their religion as a cloak, a shield, the same way the US government uses it constitution to hide behind.
Please keep the bullshit about anti semitism out of this simply because I am discussing the Rothschild family, or Israel, which is a Rothschild created state; as for anti semitism this is another inversion of truth. The palestinians are the semites, which refers to a language group for you people out there who are repeaters of propaganda and no nothing of history or the elites game you fumble about in.
If you stand with religion, politics, or any institution other than that of the human race, your fellow citizen, you are already lost to yourself and within the control of the archetypal figure of father or mother. Ie: State Control, indoctrination.
You are brainwashed into an agenda which was never your own. This legacy is one which has been forged upon our species for thousands of years. If you have any love and can see beyond your own indoctrinated ideas of religion, history or capitalism, the flag of the US, or UK come to that, then please consider what I have to say without prejudice.
The point I am endeavoring to make is about the nature of control, but first and foremost it is about freedom from the indoctrination of culture which blinds people into obedience of such stupidity it boggles any free mind into insanity, if one allowed it!

We are used to push an agenda which is not our own. Everything we think and feel has been programmed into us; when required we are triggered into a response to serve the political and controlling elite agendas.
On their behalf we attend rallies, war, or any other absurdity which is required and the only questioning we do, at best, is how family may think on our actions or how to undermine the other side, or how we can profit from such a situation, or simply apply violence from deep seated frustration, derived from suppressed feelings which we self impose from the power we have given to the indoctrinated state programing within our own psyche.
While the people are fumbling and swaying back and forth throughout their lives from one pole to another, your masters are fucking up the people of the world and the earth in your name.
You can argue all you want, the facts and evidence remains regardless. The US history of bloodshed and war has been devastating all around the world. The US people and UK people talk of Saudi Arabia's barbarity towards women, the beheading and stoning of people for the smallest of social crimes, yet we forget to mention our own crimes which match the barbarity of Saudi Arabia and then some. The Iraq war for one and the depleted uranium used in that war by the US has caused untold and vile damage still to this day. Here are some videos if you are ignorant of what the US depleted uranium has done to other human beings.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing these psychopaths to continue in OUR name.
The obtuse nature of US citizens and her partners is beyond belief.
The US civil violations are an absolute discrace, they speak for themselves and I do not need to enhance on the hateful bigoted and racist history of the US continent, so why then should I be surprised what the US will do to her enemies.
This history has only been possible by indoctrinated individuals blindly and willing following orders; believing in false ideologies like eugenics, belief in gender inequality, or seeing a black man as inferior, or the patriotic bullshit and glorification of war which we are indoctrinated into from birth.

I ask you can you step back from the programming and emotional responses of your culture long enough to see what it really is? 
Do you even what to? Or do you just see red because someone other than a US citizen is badmouthing your country? Do you care that the proxy wars, and direct assaults your nation has been involved with is about power, money and control rather than defence of a nation, or do you not distinguished from the two?
Sooner or later people will come to realize a nation, like a man or woman is defined by his or her actions and the people will start to accept they cannot hide behind a couported flag, or a president! 
I can here many shouting "I do not!"

Can you poke a prince? Rothschilds Can!
No many of us do not and do as much as we can in trying to change the status quo in many areas we find distasteful, but at the end of the day we more often than not will place our government or group above others even when we are in the wrong.
Some will call this loyalty, I call it collusion.

Think of the power of the US government in the 60s and how they had the people's total belief. 
If they shouted Russians people would be under the bed in minutes shaking in fear.
We are always given a enemy to fear,  
Al-Qaeda, then ISIS. This enemy is always there to keep the populace in a state of unbalance. In the last few years it has become habit in the US culture to be offended by almost everything. People beat up Trump supporters and protest after the fact, once the president has been elected. This is behavioural fascism, not democracy and is not humane. Not that I care for a rigged system!
However, can you not see how such a mindset of taken offence with such ease makes it easy for you to be manipulate?
Can you not see how you are being driven into potential civil war. 
The black lives matter has been driven by elite money as the opposing sides have.
The US people are being played, and it seems people are so insular, so controlled, even the brightest of american citizens have got lost in the fear and loathing which has been generated by the system. 

The NWO which Bush, the Pope and many others have talked about means america has to sink, to be reformed. The federal reserve is run by the Rothschilds, the US is a business after the bankruptcy of the country caused by the American Civil War. 
The US is a corporation and this is why you bow to Israel and the Rothschilds.

I hope the people of the US wake up very soon, for this mind control of a frenzy which you are in seems to be stacking up only one way. 
I am deeply concerned by the Trump presidency, as I would have been with a Clinton presidency. They are both of the same cloth, although most US people do not see it. Mind Control.
I would imagine some people in the states are very concerned about the committee hearings which are beating the drums of war! 

If civil war comes to past with the commitment the US has abroad then I doubt she will survive. This however is the plan as far as I am concerned.
The US was hijacked long ago. The last president of any worth was JFK who is worthy of remembrance and his death at the hand of this cabal which he himself spoke of, left the way free for these creatures, like george soros to complete their agenda of the NWO. 

This speech by JFK, the video clip is above, was a direct message to his enemies, and those of the people. Do not forget him, or where you have come from. These are very, very dangerous times for the US, and the rest of the world.

To summarise, and to reflect the attitude of one of the USA greatest presidents in history: 
Countries who have the greatest power owes the greatest of duties and responsibilities to the rest of the world. To protect, not harm, to serve in the interests of the people, not for personal gain or profit, to reflect the standards of the people and of the nation, not destroy those standards. 
To hold fast to the intrinsic nature of the species, by so doing ensuring we build a future worthy of our children and their children's children. 
To lay foundations so our enemies of today can become our friends of tomorrow.
To stand strong when others seek to undermine this great nation from within. 
To tolerate the ignorant, understanding we all must evolve in our own time, finding our own way. 
To embrace technology where profit is not involved. To free the people from the prying eyes of state, to remove those eyes and to ensure the state's objectives remain in line with the people's interest, not those of the corporations, or men of power.
To encourage human interpersonal development and freedoms of all kinds within the bounds of minimal interventions by government, other than that of do no harm. So in unity our species, our people can spread our wings into the vastness of space, propagating the universe knowing we are worthy of such advancement, and in doing so bringing honor to our ancestors, to our families and our species. 

Yes I am an idealist if that's how you want to see me. 
I see it as begin human no more, no less, we have been corrupted. I wish to reclaim what is mine and yours by right of birth. As children of this planet it is our intrinsic right to be what we are as nature intended, and not man's intentions.

Please Consider this post as a follow up. 


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