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The Assassination That Shaped History.

This speech by JFK was a direct message to his enemies, and those of the people. His death shaped the world we have today. I have know doubt if he had lived the world would be a very different place, no vietnam, no CIA, no federal reserve, no Rothschild global banking system & cabal, no Israel, as it is today... 
Although JFK came from an elite family himself, it seems he did have a very different point of view to most from such privilege, although he still enjoyed many vices. Now more than ever we inhabit a world of vile corruption perpetrated by the very men this man opposed. Where would today's America be if he had lived? I venture to guess the US and the rest of the world would all be far better off, less war, more prosperity, with a greater sense of who we are, in regards to nations as well as a species.

Regards Luga.

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