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Opposing Constructs - Religion The Insanity Of Man.

In this post I speak of religion and the destruction it has caused the human species. I have used an extract of a conversation from a youtube post as it sums my feelings up on this issue of religion; but before you get to that, take notice of the weird artwork of the resurrection in the vatican meeting hall.
Notice this interesting "resurrection art", how one soul is raised at the cost of the other souls below, arms raised in triumph...Not many rising, one at the cost of the many.
A symbolic representation of the transmigration of souls. Note if you will the reptoid figure protruding from the right side of the head of the transcendent one. Of course one has to take note of the design of this meeting hall, it is not by chance.

Below is the extract of a conversation with a Youtuber. I have replace his name with friend.

Friend, I mean no disrespect to you or any good person. I have family members who are catholic so please understand I am not attacking you or trying to undermine your belief system, but I do not see what you do.
I see the church invert the best of man for the best part and yes the church has good people in it but it is a wicked organisation, investing in arms and other dubuis companies.
It is of course your right to choose and be what you want to be, believing as you wish... However let me correct you, I do not scandalise the church it does that itself.
Religious faiths to me are cults, from cultures, ( see history ) designed to enslave the multi dimensional construct of the human being, disabling sovereignty of the soul, encasing the individual in chains of enslavement derived from contradictions and brainwashing techniques.
We are a holistic entity, having our own moral coding called empathy, well most of us at least. The religious organisations have damaged this natural construct and propagate lies about the so called 'savage man'.
The individual is 'holy' and divine by the hand of nature. The organisation of the church has brought upon man more death and destruction in the name of 'God' than any other institution in history;to date the data seems conclusive of these facts.
I am aware of the fact day to day people are not to be blame per se; for the institutions of religion are a device for the rich and powerful.
The elites hold the masses in check, with a common purpose and structured system of belief, maneuvering the masses when they so wish into spilling their own blood for the religious cause; which only for fills the agenda of the elites cause. 

Sit back and observer without prejudice for long enough and you will see the patterns at play. Regardless of my feelings of religious beliefs people have the right to hold any construct or belief system they wish. That's free choice? 

I know many wonderful people who are religious and I hold no animosity to them. However the 'evil' of the satanic institutions I do hold issue with. Men of good conscience cannot blindly follow belief systems which hold only death and destruction for our species. Look at the violence in the world, politics, religion, class, ethnicity, sexual preference, constructs of insane minds, a forgotten tribe, lost in it's own fear and self loathing. 
 A sovereign man understands he must stand alone within his own energy field, that is divine and the intended gift of Nature, which enables us to love unrestricted of constructs. However, most are afraid of such knowledge, happy in a cage bowing to the archetypal figure of father. 
I do not see any other life on this planet in need of such bizarre constructs as the aforementioned. Only by each man and women challenging the legacy of indoctrination can this world become equal for all, by which I refer to peace, as your Jesus preached. Religion cannot achieve this as history has proven, no construct can. 

As Albert Einstein said 
" We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 
May we all find our path. I wish you well and again I scandalise nothing, the church are the purveyors of this. 
As for everlasting life, the act of the taken of christ is cannibalism from my perspective. You have been subjected to a clever form of brainwashing with your good intentions inverted, the very definition of Satanism. 
 "He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life: and I will raise him up in the last day." 

What a clever way to ensure the loyalty of a people, offering something which is already theirs, if you did but know it. 
Men and organisations are defined by actions not words.

Good Journeys.
This is where the conversation ends.......

As for the art and buildings which has come from these religions and down through history, well they are contradictory to the teachings of this god. I cannot escape the knowledge of what these false constructs have done to us as a species; which is so much more harm than good.

The butchery of indigenous peoples in the last 500 years goes beyond insane.
The lost history and wisdom of the indigenous tribes is criminal by the actions of these religious organisations.
All abrahamic religions are the disease of a man's soul not his saviour!

The Lost Book of Enki is the Original Bible - Man's Creation. Decoded from Hebrew, as is, word for word by the lambasted Zecharia Sitchin.
I wonder why?
Some of his translations are up for debate, but regardless if he was incorrect with some translations, making some errors, the overall theme is clear.
He was pro bible and failed to talk about transmigration of souls.
The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin

Again let me be clear, I love my species. I will not allow delusions and clever sorcery of the dark arts blind me into murdering millions of people as in the two world wars. Or slaughter 100 million native american indians because the white european is righteous & this was God's will! Crusade after crusade, murder upon murder. Such insanity and crimes against our fellow man should see this corrupt and perverted organisation disbanded.

Talk to a religious person and they will quote scriptures which are contradictory to our nature for the best part and they will not be able to see past their own indoctrination of this cult!

I also have an issue with these 'holy men' who abuse children in great numbers around the world, speak of a humble existence while sitting in lavish surroundings, while holding ancient knowledge in their vaults which belong to the people of the world, while their false beliefs cause untold misery around the world by brainwashed and indoctrinated slaves who carry out their bidding from the original crusades to the modern day.

The catholic church and all religions are the very definition of corruption, double standards, theft, murder, treason, insanity, blind action & inaction, hatred and illusion upon a scale which should not be allowed to continue.

If you think your 'little book' is worth the suffering it has caused, then I suggest you take a long hard and objective look at history beyond your culture's interpretation of it.

I live in world of hate, created from indoctrination, which leads people to treat others with total indifference. When I think of my own country's history I am not dulude to the evil it has done. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Africa, Canada, America, all over the world throughout history the English have butchered and murdered in the 100s of millions.
This is why I do not conform to the constructs of culture. I call myself English, but I am not, I am a soul, a consciousness, an enity living a great adventure, and I do not care for murders on any side. Blood is Blood.
When I listen to a man speak of his pain, his sorrow regardless of his origin I am moved and sadden, but most of all I am angry, for we simpletons kill each other at the behest of the rich; the powerful, who created these constructs to rule and control us. We kill for them, their agenda's, their wars yet we are the ones who suffer.
One day all men & women will understand this wisdom which will lead to us embracing our freedom by letting go of these false constructs. We will return to our devine nature which has been stolen from us, coming to love ourselves, our fellows & earth again.
The NWO seeks to continually destroy our nature, or what is left from the conditioned process. We are a lost race, so lean & return to self, for self, each other, our future.

Regards Luga.