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NWO Control. The Destruction of Family.

The NWO agenda has been in play for a very long time, so here is a quick breakdown of events. There are many great videos online and written documents on this subject. I will give an overview for now and go into greater depth at a later date.
Let's start with the two wars, these had a huge effect on the health of the genders, the undermining and changing of the structure of society.
As with any war you target the strong alpha males first, destroy them, their sense of worth and place in society.
Thanks WW1 WW2....and the continued conflicts since those world wars. 
Then continue to undermine society on all levels, especially the connection between men and women, getting women to act like men, seeing MEN as an enemy and vise versa. 
Brainwash kids via the schools, bombard the children so they are so overwhelmed with information beyond their years, while given them a more powerful voice than adults in some cases, and the undermined unit of family is completely done. 
Women who have been undermined for so long having little in the way of self expression grab their rights without consideration, in a lot of cases, the same for men.
The chips are always stacked against us as we come from a place of ignorance. Our enemy is ruthless, efficient and indifferent to us, we are cattle nothing more, we make their task so easy because of our docile stupidity.
Do not get me wrong, I empathize with my species, we are mushrooms, fed shite, kept in the dark, used, abused, chained in the heart & soul in most cases. I have seen fear run through the veins of every human I have met. Not one is free from confusion or self loathing.  

Our culture starts the indoctrination of self loathing and destruction from birth through the legacy of indoctrination from the damaged parent. 
The child is ripped from the mother, remember the child is etheric predominantly, the physical is a new concept to it, but before the child has even drawn a breath the cord is cut taken into foreign rubber hands more often than not, wrenched from the vigina of the mother. 
Of course birth is going to be difficult, but please question why we do what we do to our new life. 
The cord can stay attached for days, the baby can just lay close to the skin of the mother. The forceps, which are cold mental instruments are vile, other cultures gently apply other methods of extraction if required. 
Straight away the child is in shock from our indifference to the more subtle nature of it's being who is new to the world but has become forfeit by our ignorance. From this point on it is further downhill with the indoctrinated zombies which creep from every corner of life. The child is exposed to violence and hatred every day, that of the souls of the parents indoctrination and that of societies. Religion, politics, war, the fight to have food on the table, the fear of what the neighbours or family might think or say, the condemnation of state who disagree with the raising of the child, the parents choice to vax or not and so on; the mind is never free, the soul of the young exposed constantly to the daily barrage of twisted energetic fields of thought and action.
We do not stand a chance of true sovereignty and self expression in most cases. By the time we reach that stage of self expression our enemy has ensured our metal prison is completely integrated into the psyche. That is to say we are slaves, but that slavehood is not irreversible, that is why the brainwashing continues throughout our life's. The joke is we self impose the conditioning upon each other all the time, unaware of how we keep each other enslaved from the programmed minds of legacy. Think of Agent Smith, The Matrix. As long as you are conforming to the day to day norms, then the fascist agent stays below the surface of the collective, individual, cultural mindset. 
However, you express an original thought, or become creative beyond the accepted norm, just watch the rise of the agent within others; even those closest to you. 
They will in most cases lambaste you, degrade any expression of the self ensuring you keep to the accepted vibrational level of existence. 
Parents will disown their own blood for not following the family 'program' going to university becoming that Dr, etc. This is true insanity. Males have more value than females in some cases, and so on.

We are our own worst enemies for keeping to the indoctrinated program of culture, allowing fear to dominate and undermine our life's. We will always lose what we love most by given in to this 'programming' of the species; while we do so on mass nothing will change to any great degree of import. So it is time to choose a new way, if you do not fit into life it is because you were born not to. You are here to create change worthy of a begin of frequency, sound, light, love. To live beyond fear and loathing, to grow, to help the species find a new way. 

If one has to sacrifice all for his cause, then so be it. A true warrior cares for all life. He does not take it! He understands his family, the tribe, the clan, the wider community, the species is his main duty. These are the things which concern him

the wellbeing of all...and he understands this one truth above all, Sun Tzu......"Fear is the enemy within, the only enemy, the true enemy."
If we are to survive as human, and not have the system own us or our children, then we must be resolute, strong and come together very soon.

The clock is ticking friends.
Regards Luga.

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