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Money - The Biggest Con In History - The Tools Of Slavery.

Fractional Reserve Lending

I must admit I had not given the construct of money a second thought until the early 90s. I had not relasised the standard had been abandoned in the 70s on the grounds of increasing and improving trade, so I understand.
So imagine my surprise when I woke to the world of finance, as it really is.
I always understood the £ was my master. I was valueless in others eyes without it, especially those young women who were seeking to nest.

"Never a lender or borrower be!" 
A proverb which always rang in my ears from friends and family, a call of the classes from those days. 
As I started to travel, and in some cases not very far, meeting people who stood on the fringes of society by virtue of illness in most cases, some from choice, or inability, I started to learn of a world beyond my experience & conditioned mind from my culture.
These experiences forge a thirst in wanting to understanding the human condition, which in turn shaped my journey in life. One question leading to an experience, then another and so on. As you can image I am still learning. It was in the late 90s and coming across David Icke and his like I truly started to understand how money was created, as well as how deep and corrupt this system of control was.

All credit to Icke for he broke down the structure of fractional reserve lending into a quick and easy format of understanding. Listen to most economists they are dull, they over complicate the system of money, which of course is deliberate, whether they realize it or not. If you are a skeptic as I was, believing the chaos of life was random, not organised or conspiratorial I understand; I really do, but as I researched the light dawned rather fast. Smacking me in the eye!
You soon come to realise there are many Kennedy's out there. Most are more fortune than he was.
He is one of the few politicians in history who spoke some words of truth to the people while in office, wanting to deal with the conspirators. That is worthy of remembrance in my book. If you find listening to people like myself or David Icke difficult or unworthy of your ears, then listen to a president.
There has been more than one president by the way who warned us of the dangers of the banking cabal, and the NWO.
As I have remarked more than once, we are slaves to this system, which needs to change. Millenniums have seen us in chains via this single tool of slavery which has caused us to murder, steal, rape and perform any vile act without question in the pursuit of collecting money. We will sell people into slavery, tread over them without thought in progress of this illusion. How each person chooses to deal with their life is up to them, but at least know how you are used and manipulated and how deep this illusion takes you from your core nature.
It is not until one removes his or herself from the mindset of this energy structure do we really come to understand what it has done to us.
Of course most can never extract this tool of control from our lives completely, but what we can do is stop it from influencing our politics, social groups, and all other manner of illusory constructs.
I will be adding to this subject further down the line. This is a starting point for those new in researching this control system.

Watch the above videos to grasp the fractional reserve lending system.

Regards Luga.

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