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Indigenous Genocide - Timelines - Tools Of Slavery.

Please watch the Ras Ben video first, see below.

I dreamt last night of a golden time, of an old people and a new place. 
Today I found this body of work by Ras Ben, 
synchronicity for sure. My consciousness was speaking in symbols in my dream, which is the true language of man. We have forgotten the art, the language of symbols, I wonder why? 
The words of language which has been given to man is a cage, another tool of the slave to keep us entrapped. We are devoid of our divine nature, tapping into a small part of our greater self, with language helping in the process of distortion keeping us from the empirical self and in collective communication. This is by design of course. Our spoken and written language could be used in a very different way, to how it is used today.
A symbol can be as clear as day to every man and is universal, natural, after all information is stored in symbol format within our brain.
Our species has been violated utterly and totally by an opposing force. The video by  Ras Ben which is below is a lively, intelligent presentation, which will give you a good overview of the United states role in our history.
This Empire is an extension of our past; they wish to ensure we are always enslaved, well into the future so the age of enlightenment and freedom never dawns for man. 
These creatures would have a optimised date for completion of their plans, for the beginning of the age of aquarius is close at hand, we are on the cusp of the changing of the age, the dawning of our consciousness is spreading rapidly to date.
The processes of our awakening and the power of the cycles of the ages, the solar system's life force is something our enemies understand all too well.
They understand with the turning of the age we will decimate them in time; whereby they would be forced to return to the shadows, from whence they came.

"A bit dramatic, that language Luga?"

The Age Of Extremes Pdf
The Age of Revolution:
When Rocks Cry Out

"Ras Ben is an innovative educator, counselor, wellness provider, peace-keeper/mediator, sacred timekeeper, and scribe. Originally from Washington, D.C., Ras Ben has served in the Philadelphia area for over a decade, falling in love with the city after receiving his M.A. from Temple University in African-American Studies in 1992." 
Be under no illusion of the nature of evil which is in play here. 

In the last five hundred years indigenous cultures have been wiped from the face of the earth in great numbers, the rest are institutionalised more or less. I do not know if Ras Ben realised how far this event of indigenous genocide and cultural annihilation goes back in history. The Gnostics, Alexandria & the great library, the pagans, celtics, african, and so on. The decimation of our history and records has been phenomenal. 
This is not a new modern aspiration of the elite and powerful of course, this 'game' has been played throughout history. The institutions are a tool to manipulate the masses through the continuum to the eventual and predicted end which is favoured by the elite.
This is a war of and through time. Most will never get to grips with that concept, simply because of the tools required to understand the subtleties involved. 
It is not that people could not understand, just that they have been denied the knowledge which is required to understand. It is the indigenous people who would have taught the nature of the earth, of time, space and who we are in relation to those elements.  
Western people have the added burden of the indoctrinated mind, it is disabled, by which the fluidic movement of energy, heart, and mind is disconnected, also discounted in most cases. 
The power of indoctrination, of desensitisation through the education systems which are anything but and the over stimulated pleasure centres of mind, body, leave people unable to see the complete self, it is invisible to them, which has ensured our bonds are as tight as they can be. 
We have all been indoctrinated into the same mentalites, well pretty much, argue all you want it is semantics at the end of the day, because until you break the indoctrination of your begin from within, reintegrating yourself, which by the way takes great pain and effort, as transcendence does, the 'awakening' is not achieved, you are and always will be a product, a slave of the system; no matter what part of the world you are in.
Most run when faced with pain, this is why we have a culture based around drugs of every description. The slave requires medication of one form or another to endure the servitude he or she is subjected to.

Distortions of slavery are expressed by all types of self loathing in our western culture. There is nothing the human will do to avoid facing one's self and the inherent distortion within the psyche of the individual.
Our 'masters' are well ahead of us, and they know our nature better than we do, for they have not just taken our past knowledge from us, they have used it against us. 
Our enemies have built on the energy centres of the earth, known as dragon lines or ley lines, placing their constructs of evil on top of what was natural and in service to our species, with the express will of manipulating the energy grid of the earth, of sacred geometry, of symbolism against us. 
The biggest laugh of all is we do the work of our masters. We enslave each other and maintain the cage of indoctrination by artificial concepts of control which we think have value. Class, religion, money, rewards, clothing, phones, facebook, twitter, right, wrong, which can be defined in many ways depending on the individual's own moral code, the PC consensus and so on; these cult activities are vagaries of a conflicted persona, never free from the indoctrinated conditioning of a dominating force long in the making. 

The Great Game is good vs evil, if you think this is a dramatic statement just observe the destruction created on this planet everyday. Thankfully there are many forces at play in this great game or evil would have won long ago. There is more than the two opposing poles which we see in existence for the best part.

Let me pause here for a moment, this is a massive subject. I am covering a lot of ground here, I know. 
I will add references to this post so you can find clarity if your are struggling with some of the concepts or history covered in this post. In time this blog will encompass a massive collection of knowledge for you to draw upon. I do not speak from ignorance, if I make a statement it comes from direct and collected experience. I do not just think it, I feel it and have integrated it into a greater understanding. I guess I am asking you to listen without prejudice until I am done.

As for the evil in the world I feel it directly every day. It goes beyond
words. I guess the best way to describe awareness is from the Star Wars scene when Obi-Wan Kenobi feels a disturbance in the force. 
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced." or from the film The Green Mile and when John Coffey is sharing his feelings with his jailer.
"Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world ever' day. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time. Can you understand?" 
These statements will seem foreign to some, and understandably so. That is what conditioning does to us, it disconnects from reality. Yet ironically from my perspective, as I know so well, I have been & will be seen as unusual by most, or not in touch with reality for making such statements.

The Indigenous Genocide and indoctrination of those people into western culture has been a disaster, one which those in power do not give a fuck about. The Indigenous people of the USA have one of the highest suicide rates in the country.
Some might argue one form of culture is not much different from another? 
Let me assure you it is, Indigenous cultures are predominantly about equalibrum, knowledge of the earth and living with her in harmony.
Modern culture is insular, self righteous, belittling nature, seeing her as an enemy which has to be conquered with man's nature. The savage beast which is one of the most vile of lies about our nature is perpetuated by science and religion, one of the few things they have in common beyond their murderous history of us. 
The tribes woman is a reflection of the earth, of our nature, for both genders are masculine and feminine, these properties are distinct from male and female, which are unique to themselves. 

She ( the tribes woman ) has a womb as the earth has womb chakras, and her breast nurtures the young, as the the earth nurtures us to the day we die. Every aspect of what we truly are has been taken from us. Yet you will never see it until you reject the false indoctrination of who you think you are. Our beauty has been stolen from us, and we are as passive as we can be about this betrayal, for we are ignorant to it and yet it has only just begun in modern terms.

There is so much happening to our energetic nature. We are being unwired from the earth, so those who are left will fall neatly into the new world order of Transhumanism. The new cult of man. 
The tools towards this transformation is agenda 2130, which encompasses many of the new and false ideologies. Remember everything, everything which you are sold is done so with purpose, and most is a lie!
We are all displaced today, the Indigenous and western culture people. Be under no illusion of this fact. 
Ras Ben insists our enemies seek our destruction, biblical style, and I think that is exactly what they want and are working towards.

Ultimately I do not agree with all he speaks about but that is splitting hairs, he is right about the outcome of our time, where we are heading if we do not intervene, if we do not 'break the cycle' the doomsday timeline of the elites will be propagated, they even let us know there plans, they have to, this way karma is avoided. This is the thought process of the sorcerer, the priest, derived from their belief system of the energetic construct.
Remember these people are mostly satanic in nature, they invert everything which is good, or pure, corruption is the name of the game. 
Regardless of what you think you believe about society or 'God' these are concepts of culture, not natural law which gave you life and the inherent power you have within to create.
We have been so badly corrupted we are hardly aware of our 'True Consciousness', what it is to us and vise versa. 
Most have a puny perspective of it. Seeking to deny the existence beyond the physical level. 
Some people get a glimpse of what they are in a lifetime, most have to come back from the dead to understand. Some have their minds blown by a direct experience, and so powerful is the experience they even think for a short time they are god, or a son of. 
It is understandable, for we are so shut down to who we are when we have such an experience we are not able to handle the power of such an event, we have been taught such things are not real. 
However ask anyone who has traveled astrally or from a death experience about the subtle nature of consciousness. See what they say, you can never change the power and knowing of the experience they have had and it changes them forever.

When it comes down it, regardless of what you think is true, if you are seeking to grow and advanced towards your sovereign self there is one undeniable fact, you have to come to accept multiple realities of existence for & within people; however that is what the indoctrinated cannot do, or finds it very hard to do, for all life is in judgement at one level or another, which fits into a nice safe neat package. How comforting for them!

To move forward in life we must harness ourselves and removed the archetypal father / mother figure which people will follow regardless. 
If we do not, we will repeat history.....On a larger scale that before.
Hitler 1933? 

If we grow, in doing so no church, government, man or women can corrupt us or our future. 
This is the power of the self and what the cabal fear in us and why they subject us to indoctrination, terror, war, year in and out. 
If we were able to sit with the earth for a short time, alone, in peace, we would soon look into the eyes of our brothers and sisters seeing who we really are. 
On that day, when the light meets itself and shines forth individually, collectively then the game is over. 
The old war with end, our species will start a new. Full in our ownership of self with the wisdom of the collective. 
Remember our corruption is so easy to achieve.
In beauty may you walk. 

Regards Luga.

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