Human Reorientation - Social Engineering

Freedom From The Matrix - An Introduction.

Welcome.......This Blog is for the seeker, those who are opening up to new ideas, & consciousness, by which, you are ready & heading towards independence of mind, heart, beyond the construct of culture and approval from authority figures.
I will be addressing many of the current & growing issues in our western culture as well as those around the world: 
Transhumanism, our origins, politics, geoengineering, social engineering, psyops & more.
Understand, that everyday of your life you are fed fear, acts of hatred through the news, media, from the programmed minds of legacy. Think of Agent Smith, The Matrix, as long as you are conforming to the day to day norms, then the fascist agent stays below the surface of the collective, the individual, the cultural mindset. 
However, you express an original thought, or become creative beyond the accepted norm, just watch the rise of the agent within others; even those closest to you. 
They will in most cases lambaste you, degrade any expression of the self ensuring you keep to the accepted vibrational level of existence. 
Western culture has become a system of fascism, seeking to control every aspect of our lives, with each passing day. 
Your life is an extension of a slave & no more...

Times are tough for so many, while the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, needy & ill.....
These cycles of culture are repeated and fashioned as required. This cage you live in is by design not chance........
If times are hard let go of the fear,
go within accept the dark & painful feelings, which we so often suppress, accept them & allow those feelings, that energy to be transformed.
Remember any emotion you feel is legitimate, it is what we do with that feeling which is of most importance.
We are however taught to suppress so much of what we are, as we self police ourselves & others. 
The system offers us bread & circus, honey to soften the blow of our self hatred, our brainwashing, our conditioned cage.
As the queen offers Honey to the bees to keep control of the collective hive, so it is with you, with us!
We are living in very dangerous times. In the past death was plentiful as it is today, however we did not face the end of the species as we have know it.
Our species is already in a Post Human Era, we face total extinction from the tyranny of state, the globalists, a cabal.
Western cult-ure is in the early transformation of technological & biochemical transmutation. 
One only has to study the writings & works of those in power to see how they think and what they think.
All inventions, all new discoveries about the mind, body, the physical world of our species are at the disposal of the rich, to use as they see fit.
So to with technology. 
Follow any institutional funding back to source and where does it lead to....?
See who benefits from war, from banking, from law. It all goes back to the same few individuals and families. 
We only benefit from cultural advancement as it fullness the needs of those in power, their ever advancing agenda towards a one world state, or New World Order. 
This NWO of course is only a shadow of the real agenda, so deep & dark, most will never accept the truth of the collective reality. 
Some of the greatest men & women of history have tried to warn us. 
The question of conspiracy is not a multiple but singular question, as there is only one conspiracy against the species, which takes on many different faces to achieve its end.
Once we start to understand who we are & where we come from then this world starts to make sense. 
We start to get to grips with why it works the way it does, why there is constant wars & hatred, why we have religion, law, institutions of domination & control. 
Most think they know the answer to this, however more often than not it is a conditioned & programmed response, the face of culture, not TRUTH!

We need to understand where we have come from, where we are going. We are entitled to our birthright and the freedom to self express from the tyranny of Culture / State.
Ayn Rand sums my feeling up with this quote.

I consider this to be dangerous times for the very essence of our species. The reason of which you will come to understand from future posts. 

Rightly or wrongly of how you may feel about my posts, my interpretations, I reserve the right to my freedom of speech and I will defend it as I would yours, with vigour & defiance, for humanity, our future & our growth. 
May we awaken to our enemy & collectively build a better future for our species and this planet. 

I will be direct, so please note for future posts as well as this one 
I do not care for the isms of life. Cultural constructs are for me a tool of enslavement for all humans who are trying to be. They set us apart from one another, creating conflict of illusion for which people kill, such is the insanity of man. 
Yet this insanity is programmed, using the basic self defence mechanisms in us & extorting them into extreme expressions for the service of the insane.
We are blood & bone, all born with the right to self determination and 
to explore who we are without restriction, unless we violate one another.
I do not favour any system or construct of man's, there is only one law, the inherent empathy I have been given from nature which is do no harm, the ability to consider others existence from the earthworm to the eagle.
This is why business is an insane concept and why most business men & women will share the mentality of George Soros, as witnessed in the video to your right, which he tried to have banned. I wonder why? 

All posts offered is my interpretation of my reality. I offer it as an alternative to what you have known? If that is the case. 

There are many ways, we have to determine for ourselves what is right at any given time. So take what is useful & leave the rest.

Whatever you decide to do in life do so freely, & allow others to have the same rights, free from control, judgement, & indifference.

Sun Tzu......"Fear is the enemy within, the only enemy, the true enemy."


I wish to acknowledge all those before me. Those who in my time have aided my growth, by good or ill, & to the revolutionary thinkers of our day, who can see outside of the box having the courage to speak their truth.


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